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If you for any reason want to unsubscribe to me, please state your reason here as to why.  How rude to just unsubscribe to someone when people are quite excited and curious to know you but can’t because you leave in a short time.  People do notice these little things, and they notice when they are not on your list anymore.  Please notify me so that I can unsubscribe to you when you do this.  I usually subscribe to people back when they subscribe to me and I don’t remove anyone.  I don’t want someone on my list who doesn’t have me on theirs anymore.

Do not subscribe to me if you know you will unsubscribe later.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You are here because you would like to get to know my writing style, not to cause drama on my site or insult me for how I think.  I usually have a fairly open mind, so this shouldn’t be an issue in the first place.

Yes, I do allow criticism because every writer needs some criticism in his or her own life.  However, what I won’t tolerate is bullying someone just because you may not agree with something.  We’re mostly adults here, please act like one about it, not form a lynch mob.

I know the Word Press community is much more mature in this aspect than some other writing sites I’ve been on.  The people who are on Word Press who do this are the old trolls from Xanga and not the new friends I’ve made through Word Press.

If you buy my books whenever I get them published, I will promote your site on my page in return.

Thank you for following me.  I appreciate it.  I look forward to reading your writings as well.


F.J. Ping

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