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Love at First Tweet

“Do you have a twitter?” My darling asks me when he first started chatting with me.

“Yeah, but I just gotta warn you…I’m pretty much uncensored on my statuses.  I’ll say what I want when I want and how I want,” I explain.

I did not want him to be on my Facebook account and see my Facebook statuses, because those were even more in depth sometimes.  I laugh.

After checking out my tweets, he replies, “You certainly do speak your mind.”

He makes me laugh so much already and it was the first day talking secretly thinking, Are you going to be okay with having a girlfriend who speaks her mind and doesn’t give a shit if some people are offended by it because there will always be people who will agree and don’t?

The next few days, he kept chatting with me anyway, despite my sentimental tweets.

“You do write some good tweets, though,” he compliments me.

I blush.

Aw, this boy had me at first Tweet Compliment.  Actually he had me at a lot of things.

I really never thought I could fall for someone online…that people would just be good friends.

I thought that it was weird to be in love with someone you haven’t even met in person yet but could still talk to, and it be considered real love.

Yet, this was the realist to “love” I have ever experienced.  Maybe because he managed to talk to me longer than a week and more than two months.

Townies usually only stuck around for a few days, maybe a month or so tops.

“You’re picking the wrong guys.  It’s not you personally, it’s the guys you choose in town,” my roommate says.

Truth.  There wasn’t anything wrong with me.  If a man treats me right, why should I become a crazed man-hating woman if he is doing his part in the relationship?  I don’t.

“I found him.  He found me.  Whatever, we found each other at the same time.  You can rest my friends,” I assure them.

“You two are perfect for each other.  How is this going to work, though?  He’s far away,” my support says.

“I don’t know but it’s going to need to work itself out…somehow…” I feel defeated at such a beautiful soul I was lucky enough to come across ever so randomly one night out of complete boredom.  Speaking of boredom, boredom makes me do questionable things sometimes but I’m glad I was bored that night and met him!  Or should I be “not glad” because I can’t stop thinking about him and it’s driving me crazy when I know the only cure is to feel his touch….

I hate talking about it and thinking about it like word vomit.

But, but, but…we can’t see each other any time soon.  I don’t know when, how, or where.

I feel crappy enough already for not being able to see him, and even more when I don’t feel like talking to guys who do give me the time that I wish My One used to give me.  So much and so little has happened since that first star-crossed day.  I’m just not into trying to be with anyone anymore if it’s not…you…know…who…

Birthday Sunday, Lovin’ it!

I wish I could see my dog on my birthday, but because I don’t have a car, I can’t drive.  I thought about walking three hours for my dog because I could use the exercise and I do have nothing better to do but I’m not up for it in this below zero weather.  Other than that, I loved getting all my birthday messages from my friends and everybody.  No fake ones.  I’m not the type on Facebook to add people who aren’t really my friends.  All the people I have on Facebook are mostly ones I talk to and not ones I just talk to once a year.

I thought I was only going to get five messages for the whole day but wow, a lot of people surprised me.  I appreciated that.  Aside from not being able to see my dog, today is a good day.  That’s all I wanted was a good day.  It would have been better if I could see her, but as soon as I get a hold of a car I’m going to see her.