Animal Cruelty: My Thoughts, R.I.P. Puppy Rocko #blog #endanimalabuse

Why on earth did this douche bag think it would be a great idea to kill that puppy for peeing on the carpet all the time?  He could have just returned the animal to the animal shelter if he couldn’t handle the pet peeing everywhere all the time — any SANE person would do.  People who kill for dumb stupid reasons, then send the picture in a text deserve a special place in Hell.  And then the idiot was released after some days?  I hope someone will choke and strangle this officer in the same fashion he did that puppy would be a great justice for the little poor animal.

Animal shelters more and more these days need to do a thorough background check on who they allow adopt the animals, as well as pet stores.  If pet stores do not do a thorough investigation on who they sell a pet to just to make some money, whoever responsible for allowing these people to adopt/buy the pets should be an accomplice as well for animal abuse and sentenced.  This needs to end once and for all.  If I come across another article of an animal abuser I might just publish a series on these horrible inhuman Neanderthals hoping it will catch some news.  This is the kind of thing that is news worthy, not some 15-year-old having sex with a hot pocket. /face palm.

Birthday Sunday, Lovin’ it!

I wish I could see my dog on my birthday, but because I don’t have a car, I can’t drive.  I thought about walking three hours for my dog because I could use the exercise and I do have nothing better to do but I’m not up for it in this below zero weather.  Other than that, I loved getting all my birthday messages from my friends and everybody.  No fake ones.  I’m not the type on Facebook to add people who aren’t really my friends.  All the people I have on Facebook are mostly ones I talk to and not ones I just talk to once a year.

I thought I was only going to get five messages for the whole day but wow, a lot of people surprised me.  I appreciated that.  Aside from not being able to see my dog, today is a good day.  That’s all I wanted was a good day.  It would have been better if I could see her, but as soon as I get a hold of a car I’m going to see her.

Weekly Dog Pic 7/20


I found her like this one afternoon when I went to visit her at the house:ImageShe stayed like that for a good solid ten minutes and I stared at her waiting until she would move.  I was laughing my ass off.  I felt the sheets and they were cool.  No wonder since it is over ninety degrees outside.  Usually she’s on this one chair in another room or in her dog bed most times.


Sunday Morning

On this lovely Sunday Morning into the afternoon, I’ve decided to sit down and customize each and every page on here to finally get things set up.

The home page is of course my writings

  • About Me: check
  • Contact Me: check
  • Inspirations: I’ve met a couple of inspiring people this year
  • Links: to other entertaining sites
  • Music Videos tab: I put up some of my all time favorite songs and their music videos
  • My Dog: pictures of when I first got my dog, and how she is now
  • Photo Galleries: I’ve uploaded my month long trip to Taiwan
  • Portfolio: of all my art that I have left
  • Quotes: last but not least, some quotes to live by

If there’s anything else I can think of, I’ll probably add it when I do think of it.