I told ya anonymous: when I say I don’t read anonymous comments, I don’t read anonymous comments.

You’re seriously boring me with your amateur tactics.  The only thing you have done different from other haters is getting a zillion IP addresses and it doesn’t even do anything since you can’t comment anonymously anymore. :)

You’re beyond anyone’s reach.  I imagine you’re a male, a very hideous one at that.  You can’t possibly be a female.  You’re a male who knows you’ll never have me so you troll me all your living pathetic days, lol.  Do you think you’re dating material anonymous?  Judging by saving all my photo albums and obsessing over my pictures tells me that yes you are obsessed with me and wish to date me but will never have me.

If a girl found out what you were doing to another girl all online you think she’d want to date your psycho pathetic self?  You know, I thought I was bad at times, but at least when I did it, it was to deserving people and it wasn’t to your crazy lengths.  Once someone blocked me I just said fuck ’em and called it a day.  I didn’t get ten different numbers to continue texting them the way you get ten different IP addresses.   You on the other hand, find a zillion ways to by pass your blocks.

Do you not have real life friends?  I know you obviously don’t have a girlfriend.

What kind of sick and twisted individual takes joy in tormenting someone anonymously?  At least if you were on your real name you can own up to what you do and what you truly are.

Oh, right, you can’t answer these questions in my blog comments because I disabled the anonymous option, teeheehehehehee.



Those 131 clicks aren’t from 131 different people.  Look at how often anonymous clicks through my posts.  And most times when I make a post, a millisecond later it always tries to leave a response I see in the spam box.  Then again, I think my readers know that the spineless coward is a piece of work indeed.  I don’t have to keep proving that it is.  Just by creating different IPs to attempt to bypass my blocks, just shows how desperate and obsessed the troll is.

What kind of freak tries to pretend to be different people on different IP addresses?  At least it caught on that I know its game that it’s the lunatic on those IP addresses.  And instead of typing on different names acting like I have different haters, it now uses variations of my pen names.  Lunatic isn’t the word for this individual.


A dickless anonymous just isn’t on my list of priorities.

If the troll actually revealed itself maybe I might entertain it.  But the fact remains:  that anonymous is a spineless, cowardly racist hypocrite, it’s not even worth another post.  I really should have been done with this a long time ago.  I honestly don’t care what that fruitcake says or thinks, either way.  It’s a loser: CLEARLY!


While I don’t get any notifications from any anonymous accounts off top, I still check the spam box to see if the lunatic got a different IP anyway.  And it got another one starting at 167.  I don’t know why it goes to all that trouble getting new IPs, for the billionth time anonymous, any and all anonymous accounts go to SPAM!  Wow… I imagine this person is definitely a fat hideous bitch that never leaves its basement.  Anonymouse is a basement dweller with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Anonymouse definitely isn’t normal, we can all say that much.

Anonymouse’s parents are divorced, that would explain the two IPs it has which are now both in spam.

Lol, it moved to its other parent’s house just to troll me at a different IP.  I don’t know why the lunatic keeps getting new IPs, I’ll send them all to spam and nothing gets read.  I don’t get any notifications from anonymous comments.  If you wanna talk shit, post on your real account and I don’t approve fake poser accounts, either on fake names.

Why hide? If you’ve got something to say about me and want everyone to read it, your best bet is posting on your real account and your own name, not mine.

Why hide under my name to talk shit about me, anonymous?  We all know you’re a piece of fecal matter.  Even if you posted on your real name we wouldn’t find anything that interesting about you.  I don’t know what you’re so worried about.  You’ve been stalking me for 3+ years and it seems like it’s gonna be non-stop.  It’s only fair that it gets done back to you.  The thing is, no one gives a shit about you to stalk you for as long as you stalk people.  That’s the hilarious part.  Even if you revealed all your own pictures and self, no one would give a damn to do anything to it the way you pry into people’s business online, LOL.

Today’s count of how many times the lunatic typed in my blog name: 3

So anonymous did you notice the only comments I approved were by people who did not comment anonymously?  You saw I was approving comments so you thought I would approve yours?! Lol, nope.  They posted on their real names and their real blog names so they get to be approved.  Love how the h8r has a lot to say about me but can’t even say his dumb shit on his and/or her own real name. :)

As far as this is concerned if you can’t say trash about me on your real name, you really don’t have anything to say at all.  None of my haters have posted on their real names whenever they say the shit they do about me.  I find that very telling, as if they have something to hide about themselves that’s why they can’t post on their real names.  What have you got to hide?  We all know you aren’t shit, anonymous.  And I’ve never met a hater that’s prettier and more successful than me.  The people who say shit about me are as hideous as they act. :)



If I don’t give a shit about the gossip people spread about me in real life, what makes these anonymous piece of shits think I give a damn what they say?  I really don’t give a damn.  I’ve worked with people who have made up dumb ass rumors about me and I’m still working there and I didn’t quit just because a bunch of low lives have nothing better to do than to make up gossip about people.  And I see some of these gossips in person, too who make up stuff about anybody.

And on that end note, I’m going to get back to writing my full length story about these anonymous lunatics rather than responding to them at my blog.

Anonymous tries way too hard to be a jerk, that I’m not even phased by what it does and/or says.

Does it not realize the irony and hypocrisy of itself calling me a troll?  And that lunatic isn’t a troll leaving me asinine anonymous comments for 3+ years every single day it’s awake?  What’s not trollish about someone leaving me slanderous and libelous hate comments anonymously?

The hypocrite has the audacity to call me names when it does what it does.  My support and I have been discussing that karma will catch up to these freaks.  We just have to wait.  Instead of waiting, we do more productive things with ourselves.