Love it when people pretend to be clueless.

Whenever these trolls sign up for new names onto the forum, and people call them out for who they are, I love how they act dumb asking and saying they don’t know what I’m talking about.  Of course you “don’t” know what the original argument was about.  You’re trying to pretend to be a “new” person to the forum when everyone knows you really aren’t a new person!

Lol, we all know who these trolling sock puppets are, trolls like MissJackie and others who sign up for new names just to post the links to people’s books.  How can anyone even remotely support this nasty troll?  All she does is talk about people because her own life is incredibly pathetic and there’s nothing to talk about when it comes to herself.

Yep, hils, tell her to ignore it, because you have no clue what people are talking about!  Lying through your teeth of course.

People are weird.

So I’ve been lurking the forum and they say they’re sick of the drama that happened on it, but they want Margaret back when she was one of the top drama queens?  Yeah, okay.  People are weird wanting to be friends with a racist poster who sends death threats to people who makes up lies about people swapping reviews when they don’t.

Ashok seems to be obsessed with Margaret the most always saying “good” things about her as if he didn’t read the racist post she made toward me, oh well.  I guess since Margaret never did anything to him or them, that means she’s a “good” poster.

Birds of a feather flock together and Margaret aka Melanie and Ashok aren’t my crowd.

I’d be embarrassed if I was her, being her age, and acting like her.

There’s nothing for anonymous to reveal anyway.

What do you think we would find if anonymous actually did have the balls to reveal itself?

Certainly not a successful person.  Successful people don’t spend their free time trolling people on the Internet anonymously. :)

Successful people are out living their own lives and not talking about other people’s lives. ;)

I’m on my way to becoming successful but my haters try to distract me because they don’t want me to surpass them so they keep seeking my attention leaving anonymous comments.

I still see some particular footprints by unwanted people.

I know my #1 obsessed anonymous stalker just can’t stay away from my blog for one day because it is a nosy drama queen. :)

But like I said, I’m not going to waste my time reading and/or responding to anonymous people.  If you’ve got something to say and post about me, post on your real name and/or pen name.

Otherwise, this is all you’re going to get as a response.

Sorry, I don’t answer to people who like to hide behind the computer and not tell people who they are. :)

65 going on 13.

I always felt like once the true bat shit trolls of the forum left, it would be at peace and other posters have noticed, too.  Well the trolls haven’t actually gone.  They simply disguised themselves under new names pretending to be “helpful.”  Still it proves my point, it was their negativity all along and once they “left” everything has gone semi back to normal when they aren’t trying to bust a caps lock on people’s asses and they actually stay on topic.

About time those lunatics found something else to do.  It was getting pretty boring having to deal with them constantly.  A particular troll named “Melanie Wilkes” aka Margaret Rose goes around the forum accusing people of things she is doing.  I have read through her “good” reviews and I laughed that she has the nerve to attack other authors claiming they have fake “good” reviews.

One of Margaret’s five star “reviewers” literally just posted “good” as a five star review.  If that isn’t fake then I don’t know what is!  Sometimes I think these old cronies like projecting their self-hatred onto other people, making up excuses for themselves.

My book is about some of these senior writers who are incredibly disrespectful.  It’s safe to say that they will never become as famous as they think they will with two sales a day, looking the way they do, and acting the way they act, they don’t have what it takes to become famous, nor are they good role models for people to look up to.  They still think it’s cool to act immature being the ages that they are and they think they deserve to be famous.  The funny thing is they really believe they will become famous!

Newsflash:  you’re not going to become famous attacking other writers, leaving fake bad reviews on people’s works, and trying to drive out competition.  You’re going to stay right where you are: unheard of. :)

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

If I make new alts, I always post on one alt no matter what it is, not three alts at this same time.  This middle aged woman is delusional, posting on three alts at a time: Levy, “amanda” and A.L. Goodwin.  Does she realize how crazy she looks that she’s not fooling anyone on her alt accounts?  She acts like people are stupid and can’t tell it’s her.  What a crack pot that I ever did see.

Alright, I really do need to get back to writing my stories.  I’m at the good part.  Sometimes I keep talking about my trolls because they’ll never go away so I give them something to gossip and talk about, but I’m incredibly bored with talking about them.  I’m sure my readers are bored with reading about them.  The trolls are uninteresting people who do the same boring troll tactics day in and day out with nothing new to say.  E-mail me if you would like to know the link to my actual blog site where I post my stories.  I’d rather talk about my self-obsessed life.

Unfortunately, I won’t reveal what’s been going on in my relationship department here.  It’s been very exciting, but I know some nosy lurkers are lurking so I have to blog on another new account to where they won’t be reading my personal things.

I can’t understand that phenomena as to why people waste their time bashing someone, especially when they do it anonymously and don’t have the guts to post on their real first and last name and these trolls expect me and other people they hate to waste our time combating with them when we don’t even know who exactly they are?  A coward is something I will never be.  I don’t post on pretend alts defending myself, AND if I’ve got something to say I will say it on my names, not made up anonymous names.

You can already tell this anonymous troll is delusional when it is okay with tormenting people anonymously, not caring at all about the fact how it takes hiding behind the computer to the fullest definition.  You gotta love the computer: making trolls like think they’re tough shit ever since the Internet was invented.

The Internet, making my enemies appear tougher than they really are: Anonymous, A.L. Goodwin, Melanie Wilkes, Levy, Villagoise, and you know the others.

Hi, Melanie, you don’t think I know that’s you Margaret?  Why do you get new names?  People know it’s you right away.

Ding Dong the troll is gone!

It can still try to leave nasty comments bashing my dog, but it’s not like I’m going to see any.  So relieved I don’t have to get any more notifications from it. :)

Ding Dong the witch is gone! Ding Dong the witch is gone!  I tell you guys, that troll was one fucked up dude, tainting the memory of my dead dog.  LOL, does that idiot really think by rewriting history it is doing “justice” for my dog?  Someone once told me that I should view my haters talking about a fictional person and a fictional dog.  My support is correct, because the dog and person they are talking about do not exist.  They make up a pretty good story.

Yay for the spam folder!

Ever since I put the psycho anonymous poster in spam, I haven’t seen any of its comments to disapprove.  I knew there had to be a way where I wouldn’t keep getting notifications from the lunatic.  I haven’t read any remark it’s tried to leave me, just put the fat fucker on spam right away.  If he’s not fat, he’s definitely an ugly ass skinny loser.  All that dumb ass does is talk a whole bunch of shit.  Sometimes I wonder what happens to people for them to be the way they are, but they aren’t my problem!  I feel sorry for whoever actually has to deal with these Internet hot shot wannabes!

Keep doing your same boring tactics over and over, loser!  You’ve got to be pretty fucked up to be attacking an innocent dead animal since you know that’s what gets to people.  Now it doesn’t get to me anymore because that’s the only ammo you have left that would even bother me.  Since you’ve called me that so many times I’m bored to tears because you have nothing new! :)