Holding Out

Ever since I could remember, I’ve had a hard time dating people around town that I’ve just given up on people nearby here.  I’ve never been with anyone for more than two and a half months.  I know I’m not that unbearable, for pete’s sake.  For people who don’t have distance as an issue, they […]

Public Shaming

A wise young man once told me, “You should write a–holes in your book.  There are a–holes in the real world so not everyone in the book should be a good person.”  And that’s so true.  I think if people want to be cunning and not remorseful, they deserve to be written about in a […]

Character Names.

It’s simple.  I suck at giving my characters catchy lingo nick names and names.  I want my characters to have a name like “Sheldon Cooper” or “Eric Forman,” a name that sticks.  Instead I named my love”Travis Ryan Baker” (what kind of a name is that, lol.)  I guess a regular average name.  Sometimes I’ll […]


I’m drowning in my fantasies.  I’d rather stay locked in my room all day writing them than live in the real world and find someone I can see face-to-face who I have no desire like this for.  Did I say I ever wanted to leave?  I don’t want to.  Not ever, unless I see The […]

Served on a Silver Platter!

I often think nothing bad ever happens to the people who screwed me over. They get to move on with life not caring what they did.  However, out of all this revenge that I have nothing to do with, something DID FINALLY happen to some people and they deserved it!  For once I felt justice […]

If this is true, Justin Timberlake

http://www.classicalite.com/articles/11389/20140913/jessica-biel-cheating-justin-timberlake-divorce-photos-zenya-affair-breakup-rumors.htm I always used to look up to Justin.  Hearing that he may have possibly cheated will lose all my respect I had for him if it is in fact true.  It hit him pretty hard when Britney cheated on him so I don’t know why he would even think to do that to Jessica […]

Remembering my friend Mandy

When it comes to relationships, I swear some people have absolute no consideration for others.  Mandy was a housewife who raised two beautiful children.  When her bastard ex left her for her so-called ex best friend Rebecca (I don’t feel bad using the bitch’s real name since she didn’t feel bad for what she did […]

My Therapy

I seriously question myself every day with all the shit that people put me through and how much they screw me over with no remorse, you’d think I’d be on all sorts of antidepressants to put up with this shit.  Nope!  I’m levelheaded throwing away one meaningless lemon at a time on no pills and […]


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