Anony-mouse is truly the biggest loser, without a doubt!

At least people know now that the idiot is provoking me to delete people’s posts.  If it wanted the drama to stop it would stop mentioning me and leave me alone.  It’s as simple as that, by continuously spamming slanderous statements about me at the forum, hey this idiot really doesn’t want the drama to stop.  I know Anony-mouse will never be the bigger person so I have to take the high road.  There’s actually no need to stoop to this idiot’s level because Anony-mouse doesn’t have an ounce of class and never will have class so there’s no point in seeking revenge on people who will never change who keep doing the same dirty manipulative things they’ve always been doing.

Alt II

Dear KDP Forum Moderator,
I had just gotten in touch with a staff member who was able to remove the first problem poster, but now the original troll somehow got someone else to do its dirty work.  This is the new profile to “Anony-mouse” that continues to flood the board with the same abusive messages about me that aren’t true.
I have no idea if they are the same poster or not but someone keeps creating Anony-mouse accounts to make slanderous statements about me at the board.  It’s been exhausting trying to clean up its drivel.
This is the troll’s profile:
Can anyone tell me who is behind this?  I would like to file a report on the individual for harassing me for the longest time and also stalking me to other Web sites that I use besides the Amazon KDP forum.

Anony-mouse the troll.

Anonymous keeps spamming the Amazon KDP forum telling people I’ve been the one to delete posts and stuff, actually anyone from Amazon should be blaming that troll for all the post deletions because I delete people in retaliation.  When the lunatic leaves me alone is when the posts will stop being deleted.  However, the idiot has never bothered to leave me alone so the post deletions will continue as long as people are mentioning me because of that idiot.  I delete anyone who believes its gossip so I suggest everyone at the forum just ignore the lunatic and its rantings and ravings about me and hopefully it will go away soon enough.  I’m definitely not going to spend six years on this prepubescent teen with immature insults that describe itself better.

If you are so popular, Mr./Ms. Hater why are you always on the Internet?

The Internet isn’t real life and when you wake up to reality from being on the Internet 24/7, you’ll see who truly is the one who has no friends and it won’t be me.  If you’re going to insult me, at least say something true, bitch please.  You look like an idiot just typing things out of your ass.  Whatever you say about me bounces off of me and goes back on you, bitch!

The Irony is my stalker who keeps trying to comment as “Everyonehatesjessica” is the one who actually has no friends, not me.

Say what you want you lunatic loser, I’m not bothered by it because none of what you say about me is true.  I just end up ignoring you because you’re a waste of time even with insulting me with things that describe you better.

Peace out hater, I hope you get a life some time and stop stalking mine all the time!  I know I have a more interesting life than you that’s why you’re always obsessed with my blog.

It’s not the number of people who like me that matters, it’s the quality of the person.

So many people think just because they have more “friends” than me they’re “liked” more when more than half the people who pretend to be nice to these losers at the forum are only nice to them so they don’t get harassed like me the way these hideous ogres attack me because I don’t put up with people’s shit.  I’d rather have two real friends who I know would never turn on me than ten fake alts made by different people and fake nice people who are only nice to you because they don’t want to be bothered for telling you a thing or two.

I’m not looking for a number of friends.  I’m looking for if people are in my life in a good way and I’m in their lives in a good way.  Anything else won’t make the cut.  I’ve got a book to write you silly nutty fat ugly losers so sorry if I don’t respond to your drivel anymore.  I really couldn’t care less if you dislike me.  I just laugh at the amount of time you waste trying to make me look “bad.”

Go two years bashing me.  You don’t even hold the world record as the biggest loser hater.  Someone’s psycho ex in person stalked me for 6 years even when I haven’t talked to her ex or anyone else since 2007 but she was still talking about me to people around town even when I was ignoring her as well.

What’s with you problem people who keep trying to seek attention from people that are ignoring you?  I really don’t care what you think about me.  I never asked to be your friend, and I really couldn’t care less about you ugly fat asses.

Something Funny I Noticed!

Why are all my haters fat ugly old bitches and dirty old wrinkly men?  Maybe if you got out and exercised for a while, you wouldn’t be so fat and nasty.

I noticed anyone who is truly successful doesn’t spend their time putting other people down trying to get people to react, they are out being successful.

I’ve also noticed that no one good looking attacks me.  It’s only these ugly fat wrinkly bitches who don’t get off their fat asses that’s why they’re so fat who are harassing me 24/7.

Oh yeah, you’re so right Anony-mouse “everyone” hates me, LOL.

You and your many alts are not “everyone,” I hate to burst your bubble, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Who hates me?  You, A.L. Goodwin, Margaret, villa etc…losers I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about?  Who? No one important I care to befriend.

Jealous batty old lunatics who are past their primes attacking young innocent authors?  You are the one who needs to get a life you piece of shit.  Get over yourself.  Who sits here creating many alts talking to yourself for the past two years acting like people believe you?  Only you.