I don’t know why I have all this hope for something hopeless.

Bad, but Good news:  After a long time of silence we finally had a real talk about everything a few days ago.  He said he didn’t want to be rude about being busy, but all I wanted was to talk as friends, too, we didn’t have to talk as more.  He wasn’t talking to me at all and that made me upset.

I’ve been having a hard time writing this modern day romance story about us, but I know it’s a good one if I can get myself to finish it.  I don’t care what he says about there not being anything here because he knows there damn well is something here, it’s just that we can’t see each other any time soon to find out exactly what this is between us.  I guess to try to lessen the pain maybe he pretends that there isn’t anything here.  If there really wasn’t anything here, I wouldn’t be this upset about it!!!

Long distance sucks so bad.  I hate it but it is totally worth it to find out exactly where whatever this is can go and we aren’t just friends with or without being official.  If we were just friends he could talk to me like a regular friend except I’m a friend that he can’t see and/or hang out in person.  That’s all.

I hope we’ll talk more when he can find the time to talk to me.  I hope this isn’t over and when he has more time we can be more.  I don’t know why life is like this to two people who could be so good to each other if they could just see each other.  Instead eight and a half hours are in between us.

Hoodrats are Running Loose

Last week a baby was shot and killed playing in her yard.  Then, an UNARMED high school student who went to my former high school was shot in the head while riding his bike.  Both killers shot and ran.  I don’t know how people can live with themselves killing a BABY and innocent people who are just minding their own business.

I am sick and tired of these uneducated freaking HOOD RATS trying to take over society who don’t know an ounce of how to be a decent human being.  Perhaps they know, they just choose not to comply.  Were they never taught common sense?  If people actually acted like decent human beings there would be less senseless violence and no need to be alert every time a person goes anywhere.

Honestly, I just don’t know what type of hideous creature can shoot an innocent little baby playing in her own yard.  That has to be a new type of low to do such a horrendous thing.

Guns don’t kill people.  Idiots without hearts kill people.

An Autobiography: Life Surprises at Every Corner

lifekindlecover*Note that this is a short story and not a detailed description of my life.  I feel it’s worth the read so I hope people take a look.  I wouldn’t post things that aren’t worth a read.  If you have an iPhone, you can download the kindle app for free or if you have a kindle, it’s easy to download.  It can also be viewed in Cloud Reader on the browser.

People who aren’t normally romance readers even tell me I have some good content and I appreciate such compliments from non-romance readers.  I don’t talk about every guy I have ever dated or every job I have ever had, no, it’s nothing like that.

I finally took some time to write a more thorough autobiography.  This is more than what I have on the bio blurb but some of the most important events of my life to get to where I am today.  I talk about events which have shaped my views of life and the good things happening through the endless storm all the while never being on any sort of anti-depressants.  If anyone else is going through some really tough struggles thinking there is no end, my autobiography says there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Beginning, Middle, and End

restlessadventuresaliveagainThe Beginning

<—This is the final cover and I feel that it’s completed now. :)

Usually, I make changes and edits every time, I’m never satisfied.  I finally am.  The beginning was a breeze to write. Flowed in from the first Sequel “A Restless Pursuit” even if that project may be sort of incomplete at the moment and on hiatus.

The Middle: Writer’s Block

I always have a tough time cranking out the middle.  So far I've noticed I write the beginning and end, but then it takes a while to come up with the middle.

The End

I had officially come up with the ending last night to my last series about Travis and Jessica’s journey.  I don’t think the ending was predictable when I wrote it.  In fact, I shocked myself with it.  I just came up with it last minute before I went to bed.  I had a totally different ending in mind and decided to go with the last minute one.  It just felt right.  There were so many endings I had in mind.  The ending CAN be kind of cliche, but actually, I haven’t seen too many romance novels use it.  Even though it may or may not be cliche, it suits my story and my story should end with that instead of a highly “unrealistic” ending just to be different.

I hope my story gets downloaded from Amazon when I publish it, because I especially want to know if readers could predict the ending or did it surprise them just as much as I wrote it last night.

New Works

Now that I soon will be finished writing about Travis and Jessica’s journey, I finally have a peace of mind in how the real life “Travis” and Jessica ended.  I can now write about something else and focus on my projects not about us once this one is officially completed.

Which cover wore it best?

I didn’t like the other cover that I had up after a while of looking at it so I decided to make another version of the series I’m currently working on which isn’t published yet.  The first version is the second one with the yellow design.  The one that I think I like better is the pink design.  Which one fits better?

Both of our pictures are still there, just faded in transparency.

restlessadventuresaliveagain aliveagain


Restless Adventures (Alive Again)

Introduction to Restless Adventures (Alive Again)

This is the introduction page to my newest series:  Restless Adventures (Alive Again).

My other project is currently on hiatus.  Instead of brooding over a loss (and I’m not talking about losing money at the casino — which, funny enough, I didn’t even care about one bit that night), I’m turning the situation into a happy story to see if I have what it takes to write a happy story since I have never written one before, ha.  Plus writing a lot distracts me from going back to that place.

–For “us” that didn’t get a chance.

A Happy Story

I’ve been told that people want a little bit of drama through all the stories they read.  They don’t want to read something happy all the way through.  Is this true for all?  Mine’s mostly been depressing as shit, lol, but it does feel very therapeutic just typing it all out.  I said to my roommate I want to write a story for me and my lost universe happy all the way through.  We deserve that much since the universe won’t let us actually be together.

He said, “No, don’t do that.  That would kill you writing it.”

I don’t think it would.  Just thinking about all the good plots and happy plots for us, kind of in a weird way puts me at peace with the situation that’s actually happening.

I did say I want to practice writing all sorts of topics and all sorts of moods, not just one mood all the time and that’s not helping to improve me or anything if I stick to one mood all the time.

Encore: One Last Night

Open Your Eyes (A Fantasy Story)


Copyright (c) 2014

By:  Jessica Frances

*A non-fictional post.

One Last Night

While my roommates are out getting pizza for dinner, I close and lock the door to my small shoe-box sized living space in case they come back and I am in the middle of doing something.  I finally have the apartment to myself: what to do, what to do.  A sly smile spreads across my face.

                I quickly change into my plaid comfy pajama pants and navy blue college t-shirt, then hop into my red and gold silk sheets, snuggling the blankets.

With my iPod Touch in my hand, I load up his gorgeous naked pictures onto the small screen in my palm.  Like usual, I run my index finger up and down the screen as though I was feeling his body with both of my hands in person.  The only difference is we are now disconnected.

I eventually doze off.  My arms stretched, I am awakened by his palms in the palms of my hand, his lips softly kissing my neck and everywhere on me, still with my eyes closed.  You know that joke people make how they have found the one because there is this spark holding hands with them?  Yeah, that feel is like that.

I have never felt so in love with someone more than I do now.  If only we were patient enough to make it that far, I know in person, we would have been drowned in each other’s pheromones.

“Hey, I thought you wanted another girl in your town,” I say quietly.

“No, baby, never.  I want you,” he delicately breathes into my mouth.

“Why did you stop talking to me?  I thought you said you enjoy our conversations so why can’t we still talk, even sometimes?  Remember you said you wanted to be friends, too?  Well, friends still talk occasionally, not ignore each other,” I cry.

“I don’t know when I’ll see you.  You know it is killing me, too, I just don’t know what to do.  I can’t do anything,” I hear his frustrated sigh.  I do not open my eyes.

“I wouldn’t have freaked out on you had I not seen you still talk more to other girls nearby and ignoring me.  You know in a long distance thing I need more communication from you.  You can’t do that.  That makes me feel unwanted going weeks at a time without talking,” he soothingly holds me as I am propped up against my pillows.

“I want you more than life itself,” he says, caressing my all.

“Then do something about it!  Don’t just give up because I’m 8 to 9 hours away.  I know it’s hard.  You don’t have to tell me,” I coax.

“One day,” he whispers.

“I wish you would have talked to me all night.  If you had, I wouldn’t have wanted to step foot into the casino to do what I did.  I’d rather have spent the whole night on Skype with you, not lose money and lose you, too,” I angrily say.

“I’m sorry I drove you to do that.  I know how much you want to see me and how much I want to see you,” he cries into my chest.

“Show me.  Why send me pictures when you can Skype with me?  Why are you pulling away from me?  Work for it!” I encourage him.

At this time, the alarm sounds.  I wake up with my iPod Touch in my hand.  The delete button shows up on his pictures.  I am contemplating on whether or not to delete his pictures.

Tears roll down my face.  I do not want to so I put it away for a rainy day.

They say you cannot lose what you never had, but I do not need an official title to claim we are meant for each other.  The whole world reads our stories and nearly every person that does wants us together.

That is good enough for me that our love is real for each other: when other people can see it through our stories.