Stupidity Part II

Instead of taking a hint to get the hell off my site, the trolls are condescending enough to make a meme out of a screen shot that made it look like I was calling myself stupid even though I posted an entry about them being stupid.  I’d rather be stupid than pieces of shits with no class!

I keep wondering why they love going to my site I had said in the entry, do they like reading about how disgustingly they treat people, is that why they keep coming back?  Is that why they keep having my name in their keys and mouths even when they’re on my Wall of Shame?

Those people are pretty shameless.  That’s all I’m going to say.  It’s okay though, because I’m going to own every last one of these kooks who keep stalking my blog that I dislike in my book about bullies.  They mock they laugh but soon their judgment days are going to come.  There’s too many haters that are stalking me so I’m not singling a person out.  Haters make me famous! ~~~~

Going Subscribers Only For a While

I’m thinking about going subscribers only for a while.  Too many unwanted people are at my blog and I just can’t take their nosiness anymore.  I mean I put a fucking disclaimer on my blog and they still wanna steal my pictures and talk shit!  When is enough is enough for these people?  When they’re responsible for someone’s death because they’re so rude I can’t take it anymore how rude people are and they refuse to reform to be kinder people?  I am getting so sick of these stuck up haters who think they can judge me.  I bet you anything they have skeletons in their little closet.  They just choose not to openly share it because they’re cowards so they judge those who openly share their woes.

Winner of the most immature forum out there: Amazon KDP Forum.

I used to think that the long distance forum people were the most immature, but at least they knew when to quit.  These Amazon KDP trolls have been stalking me for many moons and don’t seem to let up any time soon.  They’ve gone so far as to slander my picture and to bash my dog!  That’s how disgusting these nut jobs are.  I’m very grateful to meet the few genuine posters on there.

I’ve been to a lot of forums, even IMDB, but at least, IMDb, people move onto another target.  They don’t stay stuck on harassing someone.  The Bill Cosby forum has some cool Bill Supporters, but as far as the Bill haters go, they are tied.

What gives people the right to think they can steal people’s profile pictures and write nasty words on it?  I must be a celebrity because that’s what Perez Hilton does to celebrities.  I guess they’re jealous of me being a celebrity.  What can I say, though: haters make me famous!

I used to think that

I used to think that some posters were helpful on that site, but after they continue chit chatting with my haters even though they blatantly see them defaming me, I’m starting to question how sincere some people who I thought were “helpful” really are.  I only appreciate people who defend me who don’t speak with my haters at all after they found out my haters true colors.  Why would you make a normal conversation with someone who is spamming the forum with slanderous pictures about someone?  Someone else claims they walk alone on that forum?  No, it’s me and the one or two people who defend me on there.  That’s who walks “alone” there me and people who defend me, which is very few on there.

These haters make fun of me because they see how depressed I am with my life.  I’m sure they’d be depressed themselves if bad things kept happening to them no matter how much they try to make it good.

They continuously attack me because I’m not a fake happy person they think that gives them the right to laugh at how I am.  These people who do this are sick and twisted.  I created a blog to vent about whatever is on my mind.  I still have no clue why those haters go out of their ways to stalk my blog!

It’s really irritating!!!!!!!!!

People in my life who have never met them and will never talk to them do not deserve to be defamed.  These haters will stop at nothing.

How Ruthless can a person get?

So I’m in pain right now because my dog got hit by a car.  She didn’t run away because I don’t take care of her.  She ran away because she saw something.  I give her the best food, best treats, and $60 grooming cuts.  How callous does a person have to be to still be stalking a person’s blog they obviously don’t like and to try and use something against me when I’m giving my best care so my dog can recover?  I have no idea who this zombdiva idiot is but this person needs to stop posting my picture without my permission on the Amazon forum.  I don’t have time to keep up with the immature little trolls on that forum to report their slanderous posts so I hope people can help me report zombdiva’s posts every time she posts about me.  It would mean a lot.

I haven’t researched my pictures elsewhere to see where they posted my pictures without my permission.

Oh well, a good heart triumphs over a callous bully.  Apparently people are stealing my pictures and creating Memes about them.

Do some people not watch the road?

I had just let my dog sit for a second thinking she was going to stay while I get my stuff out of the car, unleashed.  She usually does stay.  She ended up taking off running.  We found her about an hour later like 10 blocks down.  Luckily someone called her in, but the downside was she got hit by a car.  This happened to my friend’s dog but the driver drove off.  While someone was kind enough to call my dog in and not lay her helpless on the road, I have to ask, did the drivers not see a little yellow dog trying to cross the road?  I don’t know if it was the driver who called her in, but at least someone called her in.  So they thought, oh, let’s hit her and let her get road rash.  It doesn’t take much to paralyze a small dog’s body.

I live in a state where people get into car crashes with no snow on the ground and they still manage to total their cars.  It doesn’t surprise me that some drivers wouldn’t watch for animals.

I’m glad I was the one who was with her.  Another friend of mine’s dog got hit and was under the care of someone else.  The dog was euthanized without my friend’s permission.

I always stop for animals: ducks, squirrels, deer.  I don’t just slam my gas petal down and go as if nothing else matters.  When we took her to the Animal Emergency Clinic, they were strongly suggesting that I should euthanize her to end her pain and suffering.  Who’s to say something can’t change in 24 hours and she can feel her lower legs again?  I am willing to take care of a paralyzed animal.  She’s the one thing that went right in my life before the accident happened and I’m not going to give up on her.  When this happened to my friend’s dog she euthanized her dog since he must have been really badly damaged.  Maybe that is the path for some dogs, but it isn’t the path for mine.  My dog is a strong girl.  If a dog that was starved nearly to death by people that didn’t take care of their dogs can survive but was a rescue, mine can survive.  If a dog was found thrown down a garbage shoot, starved, survived and is now healthy, mine can recover, too.

So, give up right just because her back legs don’t work even though she can move her front legs.

No.  I want her to have a chance at surviving and being comfortable again.  Even if her back legs may not be working and she is in one of those wheelie things, the pain won’t be there anymore and she’ll still be alive and happy.  I’m already cleaning up her pee and poo as it is so I don’t mind still doing it.  One of my neighbor’s dogs got into an accident of some sort.  He couldn’t afford the $5,000 surgery and let his dog recover naturally and the dog is up and running around again.

Some people think that just because dogs get hit by a car there’s no chance of recovering.  And maybe that is true for some dogs that they truly were severely, severely damaged, but I’m willing to go to lengths to get her to recover again and be somewhat normal.  This should have never happened.  Sometimes I question why things like this happen.  Why does she deserve this pain?  She’s just a small, little dog.  We take good care of her as it is.  She’s got the best of everything.

Just one minute can change everything.  She probably saw something and that distracted her.  She doesn’t take off without a reason.

Finally! <3

Finally skyped with the bae tonight.  He is not in Tennessee right now, he is on the east coast visiting family…way further away than Tennessee.  I was so sad.  I’m glad he’s coming around again to talk.  I knew we couldn’t just cut each other out of our lives like that.  Maybe we will meet if this keeps up.  I still have the same feelings for him as the first day we met and it never went away.  He’s so cute and sweet when he doesn’t let the distance get to him.

I talked to him what he thinks about the Bill Cosby thing, haha.  He agrees with me about what happened, too.

Today’s the first time I’ve Skyped with him since forever ago.  I think the last time was in February.  The best things come to those who never give up on the one they want.  I knew he is still interested in me he’s just sad about the distance.  Two perfect people for each other and we’re so close yet so far away.  The universe is so cruel. I finally find love and I can’t even be with him properly.

I have to be very straightforward with him.  I can’t be shy, especially in a long distance thing.

My Forum: to anyone who wants to promote their books

For anyone who wants promote their stories, please join my forum.  I’m hoping it picks up because I’m really sick of the Amazon forum and the immaturity on it.  Congrats to my first member Jessica Bruno for joining Tranquil Truth Gardens Forum.  I appreciate her trying to pick up the place.

Shout out to Gears, thanks for defending me

Hey, Gears!  I really appreciate you sticking up for me at the Amazon forum knowing people will target your posts now just because you defend me.  That’s a very risky thing to do.  Some people there don’t defend me because they know they’ll get deleted the way I am being deleted.  I’m hoping after my book gets hot and gets sold, Amazon’s going to do something about that annoying report feature.

As for Mr. Zomb, I’m curious what it is he is going to tell you that you don’t have info on me about, because how this all actually started is going to be in my book just to set the records straight.  Thank you so much for defending me and I’m writing the book as fast as I can to make it as good as I think it will be. :)

I have no clue who that poster is and why my name is even on his keys.  I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken with him.  Just another hater on the bandwagon, I suppose.  It’s really funny how the haters think their mere opinions matter.  I never asked for their approval so it doesn’t matter to me whether or not they hate me.  I think they’re jealous that people notice me and if people talk about these haters, no one cares about them.  I really think that’s it.  I have no idea why they’re obsessed with gossiping about me.

Bill Cosby Information

I was on the Bill Cosby fan page defending Bill and another crazy ass Bill hater digs into my information to link my blog and my stories.  Now we all know Bill may have cheated on his wife, but that doesn’t mean he’s a rapist.  Once again, I’m going through all this harassment that people put me through just to be right in the end.  Since haters refuse to stop stalking me and refuse to comprehend the disclaimer on my page on what my site is for, I’m writing a bully book about all their harassment and getting some compensation for it.  They will stop at nothing.  They have no pride, no respect for themselves.  And five of his accusers are his long term mistresses.  Do people ever check their facts or what?  People are crazy stalkers nowadays, this Melissa chick is gonna get owned in my bully book.