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Two Books

Because someone has been leaving false reviews on my mini test book and making eighty dummy accounts to down vote and trash it, I’m afraid I don’t want to publish my near and dear book to me that everyone’s been waiting for until I can resolve who is behind the harassment in the review comments on my mini test book.  I will not tolerate someone doing that to my actual book that I poured my heart and soul into.  I will not tolerate it.  Period.  I spent many evenings in my bed room crying while writing scenes and I’m not going to have heartless bastards on the Internet who have nothing better to do than to make 80 dummy accounts and down vote my book.  I’m sorry but that’s another reason why it’s been delayed my other worst fear has come true: dealing with the crazy people who have nothing to do all day but to make eight dummy accounts.  I’ve heard about them, but I never thought I’d actually deal with it myself.  I tried to make eighty to down vote their comments, but I was tired after making only three accounts.  Those people must not do anything with their lives.

Like Hale, I’m almost wanting to find out who those losers are in real life…do I have a legit reason to?  Yes, I do.  Unfortunately, I don’t know where to begin in how to track those false reviewers down.  Someone asked what would I do if I were successful in tracking those losers down?  I’d just be like I only wanted to know what you looked like that’s all.  I can’t imagine a pretty person staying inside and harassing people on the computer all day long.  The individual must be and look ugly in person, too.

I must get my story out about me being cyber bullied first.  I’m sick of people abusing the privileged of being anonymous over the Internet to harass people when being anonymous was meant for authors/writers to write different genres.

People are Unreal.

So they insult my mini test book on my author page and when I respond back letting Liza know what my first test book was about all my comments got deleted and she got 20 up votes on her negative comment.  Where do those 20 people come from?!  All of a sudden my author page gets views once Liza comments?  The good reads bully or bully in general probably told her little minion friends to up vote her comments and to serial report mine.  This is just more material from my book I’m writing about all the cyber crimes people commit that they get away with.  What is with people who instigate and provoke people and then they cry to the po po when people actually have something to say back to them?  In one of my deleted comments I told her she shouldn’t have left a review if she didn’t want to be made a fool.

An excerpt:  At Amazon, people have the option to up vote and down vote books.  They can also create fake accounts to make it look like people are getting votes when it’s just that one person all on different accounts.  Some people really have nothing better to do with their lives than to trash a 4 page 99 cent book.  I’d hate to see what they have to say about people who charge 50 pages at $9.99!  I put it at $0.99 cents for a reason so it wasn’t breaking anyone’s bank if they downloaded it on accident.  I was wondering when some lunatic would actually have the nerve to review it.  And it says how many pages the book is before people download it so someone’s got to be really stupid to not see the number of pages before they download and insult something.

I don’t really care for people’s negativity and I might just pull that book once I get my first real book out because it is not a one star book.  Some people are just stupid and lazy to read how many pages a book is before they download it.  If Amazon allowed it through at 99 cents for four pages then it’s allowed whether or not it’s a short story.  I don’t know if I’ll write an actual autobiography since most of my fiction stories incorporate most of my real life events anyway.

What does the Phantom Menace Look Like?

After many attempts at warning the individual(s) involved in silently stalking and harassing me, even sending out a pretend Cease and Desist Letter, the fool still continues to report my posts.  It is seriously testing my patience.  I appreciate my readers and some posters at the KDP forum and my blog who realize how annoying it is for someone to be making my posts disappear and I’m not able to say anything back since the idiot keeps obsessively reporting me within seconds.  I wonder if I don’t post there anymore, what ever will the phantom stalker do with itself?!  Stalk my blogs?!  Not sure why this person(s) is even obsessed with me.  It’s acting like the Door Girl at work.  Do they see someone minding her own business and pick her to target because she keeps to herself?  Is that why it does what it does?

People like the phantom are a disgrace to humanity.  I’ve even said humanity is trying to advance and it STILL reported THAT post!  Time and again it has been made to be a fool and it continues to harass me.  My next book will be a compilation of all the cyber crimes people have committed against me that they’ve gotten away with.  I think this will be a good book to write and I should write about it and not care to whoever feels the need to judge me on whatever happened.  I’m sure it will also help others who have been in similar situations.

Well phantom, keep hiding behind your computer.  EVERYONE is LAUGHING at YOU and not me.  They see what a coward you are to be reporting my posts but never responding to me whenever I ask you a question.

From my posts here about the phantom, I’ve been imagining what this individual looks like.  I imagine a disgusting ogre who doesn’t bathe.  It doesn’t eat, and it doesn’t sleep.  It just waits: lurking at the Amazon KDP forum waiting for me to post to report my posts.  What do you think it looks like?

“Blythe” vs. Hale

So I have been debating the “Blythe” vs. Harris situation to death.  A pet peeve of mine is when people want to think they can have something to say about the article, but they don’t thoroughly read it.

Some “Blythe” supporters claim that Hale couldn’t handle a bad review.  It wasn’t a “bad review.”

“Blythe” gave suggestions to Hale for her story, Hale actually uses it, then “Blythe” wants to turn around and call her stories trash when it was her suggestions in the first place?!  How do “Blythe” supporters claim this is an honest review?  “Blythe” is know to form a band of minions at Good Reads and trash other people’s books purposely.  That was the sole mission for Judy to create the fake “Blythe” account.

The review also contained false information and plots that weren’t in the story.  If Hale really couldn’t take criticism, why didn’t she research her other reviewers?  Hale only wanted to find out who “Blythe” was.

It’s really disturbing how people bash Hale driving to “Blythe’s” house but they don’t say anything about “Blythe” stealing other people’s pictures, faking a vacation, using someone ELSE’s house address, tweeting like she’s a teenager, and lying about where she works.  Hale knows what she is doing made her look crazy by driving there.  Are “Blythe” and “Blythe” supporters really trying to act like they are “innocent” in this whole thing?

People claim that “Blythe” made up things to protect herself.  No, “Blythe” wanted to make a phantom account to not get caught insulting people.

Book Progress

Just wrote the official ending to Restless Adventures (Alive Again)!  I was going between having a happy ending or a sad ending.  I couldn’t decide.  I think I should go with a happy ending.  I won’t say what exactly the ending is obviously, but it is happy.  This is a part of a series.  I have most of the Table of Contents set up, re-reading it to do any last editing and it should be able to go live within one to two days.  *crosses fingers since I never actually met any of my deadlines yet, but I AM getting things done throughout all the chaos.

P.S.  I’m really curious, has anyone ever kept up with people who disrespected a person and see if karma came back to them?  I know it’s worthless waiting around for revenge to happen to people but it would be nice to get some justice around here.  I finally experienced a little bit of justice and that helped me move on with the situations.  I usually never get any justice and so it’s hard to stop thinking about something for me.

A Cease and Desist Letter

From the Humanitarian Offices of Pure Heart, Inc.

Copyright (c) thelostxin.com

123 Hater Eliminator Blvd.

No Hater Zone, Hate Free Ville

Cease and Desist Letter

Dear anonymous stalkers, anonymous bullies, real named bullies, and the like –

Hello, my name is Jessica and because my Chinese name translates into “Pure Heart” in English, I felt okay with dubbing myself head chief of the humanitarian police.  Please stop any unintelligent acts on the Internet and/or in real life.  If you want to say something sarcastic and nasty because you only think in the moment and not of the consequences own up to it.  We as a human species are trying to bring humanity back and you are slowing down the process with your unintelligent remarks, incompetent critiques, and hypocritical behaviors.

It is against the law of humanity that you abuse the report abuse button just because you dislike someone’s thoughts even though it wasn’t breaking the laws of the community.  It may not be a crime in the real world, but it is a crime against humanity.  You want to provoke someone?  Don’t get mad if they decide to bite back.  If you disagree with someone, you disagree.  There is no need to find out who their family is, where they live, blah blah blah.  It’s really not that serious.  If you want to critique someone’s work, watch how you present yourself.  If they felt they were insulted, they have the free right to research who you are, and don’t complain when they ring the door bell and send you a cease and desist letter.

If you should continue to abuse the “report abuse” button after you have read this letter, you have given the author of thelostxin.com permission to write your personalities as villains in her stories as is.  You also receive no profits whatsoever from the work.  You deserve a proper public shaming after all.  Really, you’re still going to silently report someone after you’ve been called out time and again for it?  I don’t really care who you are.  I know you’re a coward by your simple little acts of reporting someone, seeing them get frustrated that they can’t post because their posts keep disappearing and you continue to laugh reporting.

This will be your last laugh.

You have not made me a fool.

You are the fool.


Pure Heart

Humanitarian Head Chief

Glad there’s no Dislike Button on Facebook

After experiencing Amazon’s down vote and up vote system, I’ve concluded I’m glad Facebook doesn’t have something like that.  I think the haters are following my posting histories everywhere I go.  Nothing I say deserves a down vote, at least that’s how I feel.  If I thought myself something was a down vote, I wouldn’t post it in the first place.  People only down vote because they disagree with what I say and can’t agree to disagree, not that it’s a stupid comment.  I swear these haters keep stalking my review posting histories as well as Amazon voting histories.  Why do people obsessively hate like that?  It’s so unhealthy.  They think they’re making me look foolish but it’s really the other way around.  I hope they do know it’s against the law to stalk someone, but because I don’t have the energy to deal with it, they continue to stalk me.  If I was a celebrity with tons of money I would TOTALLY investigate them and sue them for harassment and stalking charges.  I’d take screen shots of my posts disappearing a second later every time I post something: clear evidence that someone is stalking me it’s not something wrong with the admin bots.

People act like it isn’t a crime to follow someone around the forums and reporting my posts every time I post something.

And THIS is why I don’t post on my real name.  I know since those loony bins are so crazy to follow me everywhere they can find my name on the Internet, I post on a pen name.  These are the types of crazies who will get their panties in a twist over personal petty things.  I’m sure if they look hard enough they will find my information.  With the way they obsessively report my posting histories, I wouldn’t doubt it that they have been trying to research me.  I’m glad Word Press has a better administration so these bullies can’t falsely report someone here.  I’d just sign up for another blog anyway so there’s no point.

Combating a Phantom

I’m wasting my valuable time combating an invisible phantom who reports people at the Amazon forums.  Halloween is coming up, did it come early for some people?  I imagine so.  I should be writing books right now.  I wish I wasn’t so set on giving people a dose of their own medicine.  Some people don’t care how they treat others do they?  They don’t.  I know some people are laughing at my posts at Amazon because it’s frustrating posting there when some idiot or idiots are reporting me every five seconds and people can’t see my responses.  You know what’s sad?  Is if someone were to report these people laughing at me the way someone is reporting me, they wouldn’t like to be stalked like that.  How do you fight an invisible phantom?

They follow me everywhere.  Liza was trying to insult me at my own author page and she got two helpful votes.  I don’t know how she did when I don’t get very many hits to my author page yet within seconds she posts, two people already up voted her comments and down voted mine.  Why are these individuals so obsessed with hating me?  Do they really think I care that they hate me?  I have better things to do like write my stories.  Damn, like why do people think I care they hate me, because I respond to them and can’t ignore them?  I keep telling them their opinions of me do not matter but they still feel the need to put in their two cents anyway.

Responding to Reviews

They always say it’s a bad thing to respond to reviews, but I’m really liking to see authors and writers go out of their way to have conversations with their readers.  I don’t like being ignored you know, especially when I have something to say — of course that’s meaningful.  Maybe if readers come across someone’s book they can subscribe to the blog to have conversations at the blog instead of review comments.  Would it look tacky to have a nice conversation with someone who read a whole book in the review comments?

It’s better than venom I think!  I feel like if people did respond to reviews in an articulate manner it would be okay to respond just to be like thank you for enjoying my book what would they like to see in the next book?  They say to not even respond thanking them for reading the book.  What if you want to know what they like to see in the next book?

My First Review on my Test Book

A while back, I had published a test book to have something on the shelf because Amazon wouldn’t let me create an author central profile unless I had a book I already wrote.  Today some troll left a one star review calling it a joke.  Are people really that stupid?  Can they not clearly see that was a test book?  They’ll take anything and try to trash someone.  It’s pathetic.

Anyway, here’s the book that they trashed.  It clearly says my thing is 4 pages and I priced it at 0.99 cents for a reason!  I’m not one of those people that will price a 50 page book at $9.99.  I’m pretty sure I’m not a joke when more people like what I have to say than don’t.  I already know I’m not going to please everybody so I don’t even bother with the people who don’t like my works.



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