Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never hurt me.

I’d rather be a hot young, slitty-eyed bitch as opposed to a wrinkled old hag who no one wants to date sitting on a forum gossiping about people. :)

Some of these authors who are attacking me have actually admitted to people before that they are erotica writers because they can’t get any, LMFAO!  Are they trying to set themselves up to be laughed at?  And then they’ve got the nerve to comment about me.

I write erotica to let it out, but I still can get some from people, I just turn them down because I don’t screw anything that walks.

The one star policy

I love how these two followers of the person “amanda” have down voted my one star comment and are trying to get my one star verified purchase comment deleted.  Sometimes it feels good to stoop to people’s levels.  They deserve what they get.  Far too often I have sat back and let them say the things they do about me.  When I finally retaliate, I love how they’re foaming at the mouth.  Excellent!  And yet they still haven’t woken up that it is their manipulative behaviors that has caused them to get those one star reviews they are foaming at the mouth about.

If you don’t want one star reviews on your shit, quit stalking my shit and leave me alone once and for all!

I told Katie Kindle, it’s not doing you any favors at all linking my one star review for people to down vote, but what, now you’re trying to censor one star reviewers?  I wasted 99 cents just so I could leave a verified purchase review.  I would have rather bought a burger instead!  I don’t believe in returning purchases that low, even if I was dissatisfied.

If more and more people leave them one star reviews, are they going to harass all the one star reviewers?  They had other reviews to compensate for the bad reviews.  When someone leaves you only one bad review and you get no other reviews like you have done to me, then you can cry foul

E-mail Two

A user named “Rose King” is constantly instigating drama about posters on the forum.  She is often bothering people with off-topic posts about gossip about posters.  As you can see, other posters besides me have called her out asking her what does her mumbling have to do with the on topic post at hand.

Yesterday was the last straw for tolerating this user when she made racist remarks toward me calling me a “slitty-eyed bitch who she wishes would have drowned at birth.”
And when I tried to respond to her death threats, of all things once again, my posts are the ones to still continuously be deleted.  You can read the conversation that was said in the posting history.  People are getting tired of these trolls taking over the forum, harassing people and having the nerve to blame their drama on me when no one cares about these people they just want them to go away but they won’t.
They treat other writers with such disrespect thinking they are the top most elite writers and are constantly leaving one star spiteful reviews on other people’s works.  When it gets done back to them that someone gives them a dose of their own medicine they cry foul when they are the ones who disrespected other writers first and wouldn’t leave people alone.
Why should a user like her be allowed to publish with Amazon when she disrespects other writers?  That is not fair for the writers who do act respectfully that she still gets the same privileges for being a bigot and a racist tyrant.
This is her actual Amazon KDP account:
I do not think she should be allowed to be published with KDP for slandering and disrespecting other writers.  That is incredibly unfair to posters who have been trying to post with respect but these trolls constantly aggravate people.

Lying under oath is a crime.

A user named Katie Kindle claims she googled “romance.writer” the user name I was posting on as to how she got my review.  Why would you even google my user name in the first place you pathetic stalker?  Then she claims that she’s never been to my blog (which is an utter lie).   I have footprints of someone coming from my blogspot and five users who typed in my blog.  These people are such queers having the nerve to think they can blame me for their drama and they lie.

I’ll waste time with your pathetic drama when you can learn to tell the truth.  No one gives a shit about you self-obsessed old ladies.  You bat shit loons call me self-obsessed that would mean I’m obsessed with talking about myself.  I’d rather talk about myself than talk about you.  And my readers would rather read entries about me, rather than about your childish high school drama!  My life is far more interesting than giving you crazy old hags any attention.

Lying under oath is a crime if I were to take your defamatory remarks about me to court, don’t forget that!  You’re just lucky I don’t think you rude ass mugs are worth all the trouble so you can lie on the Internet.  Since you still haven’t taken the hint to get off my blog, here’s one more entry about how much I think you’re pathetic!

E-mail that was sent to Amazon.

A forum user name “Rose King” Amazon KDP Support: User Profile for Rose King Is constantly instigating flame wars on the forum and if they know the link to author profiles, they will give fake one star spiteful reviews. She said this to me:
called me: a “slitty-eyed bitch” and suggesting that someone should have been drowned at birth
Amazon KDP Support: User Profile for amanda  This is amanda’s profile
Another person named “amanda” who goes under the name “A.L. Goodwin” and “A.J. Goode” has also been making up rumors about me saying I bash disabled people.
I only have problems with disabled people like “amanda” herself who spend their free time harassing people on a forum because they don’t have bills to worry about since they’re on disabilities.  I work and writing is my extra income, and these slanderous people are making it off putting for people to leave good reviews on my stories.  I have been holding off on publishing my full length novels until I know they will stop bugging me.
I have had to change user pen names because every time I publish something “amanda” would leave me a fake one star review on the pen name she knows of mine.  I tried to get it removed but because she made it seem “genuine,” Amazon wouldn’t listen to me to remove it so I got a new author pen name losing readers in the process.
Is there any way these people can be stopped?  They are constantly slandering other writers and have nothing better to do than to put down people.  They are very disgusting individuals and have been harassing me for nearly two years now.  I don’t want my good efforts to be wasted and the first review I get is made by a spiteful one star reviewer.
Please let me know if anything can be done.
Thank you,

Very unprofessional!

So “Rose King” made a racist remark.  She’s 67-years-old ladies and gentleman, and we still have a racist today in society!  [The fucked up part is when I first started posting at that forum, she was asking me to join romance communities and stuff and was speaking nicely to me.  That was a complete 360.]  Are you jealous that there aren’t that many Asian writers and when I get my stuff published I will blow you out of the water?  Playing the race card?

How low can those drama queens go?  And they say they’re “professional” writers.  My God, if I was their readers and I saw how they were acting on the forum, I wouldn’t be supporting them.  They aren’t humble at all.  And the thing is, they have nothing to brag about!  If you don’t care what I do or anything about me why are you always stalking me and mentioning my damn blog?

I’m never going to grow up to be this.

I see my enemies, pathetic, unloved (because if they were loved, I don’t think they’d need to come onto the Internet to be nasty), deceitful, liars, and all in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, still into starting manipulative flame wars on the Internet.  I tell you what.  I’m 29-years-old, almost thirty, and I’m already getting fed up with the degenerates of the Internet (I’m not one of them).  I will not be in my 40s, 50s, and 60s, still talking trash online that’s for damn sure.  I’ll either be writing my books or out vacationing.  I’ve already wasted enough youth years with online drama, to hell with doing that when I’m as old as a grandma!

I don’t get how they’re okay with themselves acting the way they do, being the ages that they are, honestly!  I’d be embarrassed to be associated with them being that old and still into childish he said she said flame wars.

The way they work is they try to get sympathy from people who they’ve never done anything to for them to defend them even though the mutual party knows what they’re doing is wrong.  It’s really pathetic to me.  I love how the only people who respond to my enemies, are my enemies.  No one outside my enemies’ clique tries to talk to them, but they always interject themselves into people’s threads and conversations to be talked to.

Good things are about to happen.

She was the only thing that kept me here and I actually stayed on this earth because I didn’t want to leave her. Now that she’s gone I can’t stand this fucking earth.  Don’t get your hopes up haters or ever think I would end my life over you nasty bullies.  It’s because I didn’t get the respect that I deserve nor the love that I deserve in a romantic relationship: absolutely nothing to fucking do with ugly cyber bullies with no lives.

I have a lot going for me now, though, and very big, very good things are about to happen to me. They just take a longer time to happen.

Instead she’s the one gone and assholes get to live and be assholes just because they can be. All she did was want to make me happy. God, I do hope I receive the justice by writing a book about that nasty idiot stalking me.

I don’t get why bad things happen to good people and good animals while nothing bad happens to bad people to give them a wake up call to stop being assholes. Instead of being contributing members to society some people want to be degenerates (and I’m not talking about myself being a degenerate.)

Documentation: Cyber Crimes reported and filed.

A while back, I had created a blog to advertise the stories I was going to be publishing, and I paid at least $200 to make a nice site. I’m counting all the amounts I have had to spend on new .com names to get away from trolls, the amount that I lost. I made several new .com sites that the trolls don’t know about.

Some people started slandering me but I only care to report one in particular that has been saying outrageous things about me and my dog that just recently died.

The nasty comments are not posted publicly but I have a spam folder of all the disgusting things this poster has tried to post that I don’t approve in the comments. It goes far beyond being crude. It has accused me of killing my dog when I didn’t. It keeps calling me a dog killer, saving all my public photo albums creating slanderous memes off of my pictures of me and my dog, defaming me and my dog and it will not stop at all.

It’s even stolen my identity to say these nasty things pretending that I have said all those nasty things when I didn’t.

I shouldn’t have to make myself private when I’m not breaking any rules. This person is and he deserves to rot in jail for what he is doing.

I thought that by making my blog private after some time, the lunatic would go away, but once it knew my blog was public again, it still keeps harassing me and it’s been going on for almost two years now non-stop every day.

At another forum, it used to spam my public photo albums without my permission everywhere but the administrators there have deleted its slander.

I have tried to ignored it but this is ridiculous that this person gets away with it because I can’t do anything about it and he takes advantage of the fact that I wasn’t going to report him to the police before to continue harassing me, but perhaps this is something I do need to report to the authorities since he won’t stop on his own. He keeps accusing me of bothering him and his troll friends but they are the ones who stalk my personal sites every single day while I am ignoring them.

I don’t have a name, phone number or address of the troll that’s harassing me, but I do have an IP address, City and state. Its IP address is: from Oaklyn, New Jersey. When I looked up where it was located, I called Comcast its Internet Service Provider.

The ISP said if I can file a police report, have the police call Comcast, they would be able to disable the troll’s Internet when the police calls the ISP.

Can someone please help me and show me how to file a cyber crime against an anonymous person? All I have is its IP address. I don’t know a name, nothing or what it looks like. This person has at times stolen my identity to troll me anonymously so no one ever knows its real name, posted slanderous memes from my pictures without my permission, and said defamatory remarks about me being a dog killer when I am not.

I have no idea what other Web sites this troll has uploaded its slanderous pictures about me, either and I was hoping police could investigate the troll’s computer to see where else he has posted these slanderous lies about me. He also violates my privacy, telling people what city and state I live in when I did not have that posted publicly. He really had to search for my real last name to find my hometown. I used my Chinese name to post to avoid being stalked but because he is a stalker he found my real name anyway.

He keeps telling people what my last name is so they know everything about me without my permission and I have no privacy at all.

Some people are so nasty instead of showing sympathy for a pet dying that I already lost, this person wants to call me a dog killer this and that and I have had it with dragging an innocent animal into its cyber crime flame wars. Her memory does not deserve to be tainted by a venomous troll.