Week after Week

Week after week something always comes up.  I’m waiting to where I can have one calm week just to focus on work and my writing projects.  I just tell myself I get through everything this is no different than what past week’s issue was.  I’m trying to remove all the troublesome people from my life […]


It’s not like I ever expressed any interest in Aaron he still won’t buzz off.  I thought he had finally gotten the hint the last time I told him off a few months ago, but today he returned out of nowhere on a new number. (How many numbers does one person need?  He changes numbers […]

Word Count

They say to not purposely make your story longer so it doesn’t quickly end.  I have thought about stopping at 50,000 words before even though I really want it at 75,000 words.  However, any content I add is definitely relevant to the story.  It will not be filler content to make a higher word count […]

Infidelity Rant

I am so sick and tired of hearing about people being cheated on.  Can people not keep it in their pants once they are in a committed relationship?  This is why I’m even extra faithful, especially when I’m not in a relationship and in the process of trying to be in one.  Infidelity makes for […]


Today I got a load of thoughts off my chest about the situation.  It felt great.  Who knew I had more thoughts than twenty thousand text messages every other night?  Oh my.  I thought I said all that there is to say already and I still had more to say.  I said I didn’t want […]

My Inferno

If I could have the chance to erase everything that has ever happened with someone, would I take it?  I try to tell myself, “No.”  There has been some good things coming out of the whole thing despite not being able to properly hang out.  Although we are sort of back on good terms, there’s […]

An Unexpected Kind Gesture

Whenever I write my statuses on my Facebook, I don’t even know if people are reading it or comprehending anything I say.  I know some of the so-called “friends” I used to have on my list obviously didn’t comprehend my message that I only keep friends on my list and if they aren’t a friend […]


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