Dreams are ideas. #blog

I’ve never dreamed of things so much as I have now.  I used to hit my pillow then was out like a light.  Lately, I have had insomnia problems, not being able to properly sleep.  Instead of getting angry or sad at dreams that take up my mind, I use them for ideas in my book.  I outlined a draft for a whole entire chapter which I never thought of when I first started writing my book!  Writing is great therapy and it works if you are invested in writing.  It won’t work if you half-ass it.  Every time I take up a new idea or hobby, I put my all into it.  While it is taking some time to publish my first endeavor, many people are anxious to read, my OCD and I want to write it to perfection with zero grammatical errors.

What the hell have I been eating these past few days?  A chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, Indian food, Arby’s sandwiches, McDonald’s.  It’s going to catch up to me when I’m fifty, not if I can help it, I’m going to exercise it off.  Perhaps it’s the food that I eat or the ten pops a day that I drink which cause me to have the dreams that I have.  There’s no telling.

Birthday Sunday, Lovin’ it!

I wish I could see my dog on my birthday, but because I don’t have a car, I can’t drive.  I thought about walking three hours for my dog because I could use the exercise and I do have nothing better to do but I’m not up for it in this below zero weather.  Other than that, I loved getting all my birthday messages from my friends and everybody.  No fake ones.  I’m not the type on Facebook to add people who aren’t really my friends.  All the people I have on Facebook are mostly ones I talk to and not ones I just talk to once a year.

I thought I was only going to get five messages for the whole day but wow, a lot of people surprised me.  I appreciated that.  Aside from not being able to see my dog, today is a good day.  That’s all I wanted was a good day.  It would have been better if I could see her, but as soon as I get a hold of a car I’m going to see her.

I Pride Myself with Keeping in Shape.

Whenever people get into online arguments with Internet strangers, of course some strangers are going to think they’re “witty” when they call someone fat or obese on here in never seeing a full body shot at all.  I’m honestly not offended at all when someone from online who doesn’t know me, has never met me, and will never meet me, insults me for what they think my so-called “body type” is.  I get this immaturity at practically every type of forum I post at and I just laugh out loud when trolls think I’m “overweight,” never having seen a picture of me.  Who is really the troll though if they go so far to insult someone’s weight?  Although I might not agree with people on certain subjects, I never insult people personally.  I only stick to the topic of the discussion.  Probably because I have a thing called class and those people don’t.

Luckily, I haven’t encountered that type of immaturity at Word Press.  I actually find this place to be one of the more mature blogging sites.  IMDb is notorious for this type of insult.

In fact, I get nothing but compliments from Mr. #18 about my body.  He may be a “man whore,” but hey he even has standards for that and doesn’t get with nasty girls.  Is he really going to say I’m obese to my face?  Probably not.  He might not have even taken interest in me in the first place if I actually was.  Believe it or not, I used to be a bit self-conscious around a man and I wouldn’t let him see anything even though I really had nothing to worry about.  I don’t know why.

A while ago, I weighed myself and was 150.  Not too long after I weighed myself again and became 130.  I had no idea how that happened.  Then again, I have been walking around town a lot.  I remember one time Heart Breaker and I got into this huge argument and I stormed out of my apartment and walked around town for 2 1/2 hours.  I didn’t even realize how much time had passed.  I asked my roommate how long I’ve been gone and he  said about that much long.  And I also used to, still do walk to work every day a good 30-40 minute walk.

I don’t eat healthy, though I should.  I still eat what I want and I walk it off.  I used to think that was so hard to do, but with not having a car, I have to walk.  I was having a conversation about this with* Mr. #18 when he was over the other night.  He asked me, “Why would I even want to be 100 pounds?”  I guess I’m okay as it is.  I’m fit.  Not only do I walk myself to and back from work every day, but I also take my dog on walks, too.