I have read many blogs are going in private mode.  I wonder what is so “precious” about your lives that you feel entitled to that privacy.  Just don’t post anything on the Internet you wouldn’t want someone to read, period.  If you don’t want people reading your shit get a private diary you hide under […]

New Year = New Layout

When I first signed up for Word Press, I remember changing my themes practically daily!  I could never stick with one theme I always changed something little about it.  I finally stuck with a customized Adventure Journal theme for about 8 months, shocking, with my indecisive personality sometimes. Now that it is a new year, […]

Once Upon a Time, it was Lust at First Site.

A couple of my friends have encouraged me to try online dating sites but I always told them I want to meet someone in person with this epic story behind it.  I love great stories.  I mean, how boring does this sound, “I met him through all these online profiles and thought he was the […]

Facebook Widget Now Activated

For the longest time I’ve been trying to figure out how the Facebook Widget works, Lol, wow, don’t know how I didn’t figure this out sooner it was so easy.  Finally got it set up on both of my blogs.  This time I’m going to really start updating my Facebook page so hopefully I will […]

That was quite a long hiatus I took!

Sorry, I have neglected my Word Press.  I just recently started my new book series which I think has a lot of potential if I can market it right. Book 1 came out yesterday.  If you could download it and review, let me know what you think and what you would like to happen in […]

New WordPress Navigation: Categories Created

At first, I had all my writings jumbled mostly into the “daily rants” category, but then I decided to take my sweet time to organize all my writings into the correct categories they belong and I’m finally finished with that! I’ve also done this for my other page: http://francescaping.wordpress.com A while back, I didn’t like […]


I’ve noticed that many people seem to complain about the privacy settings here.  The way I see it is if a person doesn’t want anyone knowing about something on the Internet, then don’t post it at all: it’s as simple as that. I thought about making my posts protected for a while because in the […]


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