I have read many blogs are going in private mode.  I wonder what is so “precious” about your lives that you feel entitled to that privacy.  Just don’t post anything on the Internet you wouldn’t want someone to read, period.  If you don’t want people reading your shit get a private diary you hide under your pillow.  I’m sick of the entitlement I’m seeing on some blogs.  I’m an open book and I don’t really care for this “privacy” business.  Some people think highly of themselves if they think anyone cares that much about their pathetic lives to be “snooping” for none other than finding something to read and be entertained on the Internet.  Some people haven’t changed since the old Xanga site.  Good to know.

I sometimes go to people’s blogs, those who have judged me from before wondering who they think they are thinking they could judge my life when they’ve made far worse decisions than me and they used to bash me on Xanga all the time, all the while their lives suck more than mine!  No wonder you projected your hatred for people onto others that did nothing to you.  I know see why old trolls are bitter hags on the Internet.  It makes sense.  Be careful what you make public because it just back fired on you.  Next time maybe you shouldn’t be pointing fingers at other people’s lives when you know what you’ve done with your own.

New Year = New Layout

When I first signed up for Word Press, I remember changing my themes practically daily!  I could never stick with one theme I always changed something little about it.  I finally stuck with a customized Adventure Journal theme for about 8 months, shocking, with my indecisive personality sometimes.

Now that it is a new year, I figure to myself to change to another layout.  I hope it is easy to read the entries and not bad on the eyes.  I tried to pick a good color scheme.  This layout doesn’t let me change the colors so I could only change the background picture.

Once Upon a Time, it was Lust at First Site.

A couple of my friends have encouraged me to try online dating sites but I always told them I want to meet someone in person with this epic story behind it.  I love great stories.  I mean, how boring does this sound, “I met him through all these online profiles and thought he was the best one out of all of them.”  It’s like applying for a job online.

A friend said, “You could always talk about the dates you go on after you meet them in person.”

Still, it’s not the same.

Then again, I’d say this story would be pretty epic: finding someone datable on Omegle who isn’t just looking to play, hahaha, especially scrolling through all those dick videos, oh. my. God.  I was just looking for friends to talk to on there.  I didn’t think I’d really like anyone as more, honestly.  And then it happened when I least expected it.

I totally feel ya though about wanting fate to happen in person, because that’s what I wanted for the longest time and I don’t think I’m going to get what I want where I live and it’s looking grimmer by the day with the people in my town.  I’d HAVE to look online, or I wouldn’t have to, but just be lonely.  It’s all good.  Hopefully I have my work to keep me preoccupied about not thinking about being alone.  I’ve been without for so long, I’ve just stopped caring.  Every time I get my hopes up I always get crushed in the end.  I’m just trying to have a positive attitude even when things look hopeless.

Facebook Widget Now Activated

For the longest time I’ve been trying to figure out how the Facebook Widget works, Lol, wow, don’t know how I didn’t figure this out sooner it was so easy.  Finally got it set up on both of my blogs.  This time I’m going to really start updating my Facebook page so hopefully I will get more likes.  I wish I knew how to promote my writings.  I didn’t want to join Facebook for my writings because I knew I wouldn’t get much traffic on there, but oh well.  I’m bored.


That was quite a long hiatus I took!

Sorry, I have neglected my Word Press.  I just recently started my new book series which I think has a lot of potential if I can market it right.


Book 1 came out yesterday.  If you could download it and review, let me know what you think and what you would like to happen in Book 2.

Until I get more reviews on Amazon, I am going with my ideas.

**The first book started off in the first person perspective of my character.  The second book will be in my other character’s perspective.

This isn’t to anyone in general, just me venting.

It extremely ticks me off how people won’t even read my stories when it only costs $0.99 (NOT BREAKING ANYONE’S BANK *cough*) while they’ll waste their money on the best sellers which have a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. I’d appreciate any funds to a McChicken sandwich since I’m a STARVING artist.

Are you getting your money’s worth just because you download a popular e-book but the grammar and spelling errors take away from the story?  Why do those people deserve to make money when they didn’t take the time to edit their shit (even though they think they did)?!  I’d ask for my money back if I found more than ten errors.

Five is being too nice.

As writers, they should know better than that.  I read over my work at least twenty times a DAY before I publish mine and I get no reviews and no recs.  We already know the world is screwed up and good writers always get screwed over in the end.

I’m tired of sitting here saying nicely asking people to download my books and they still don’t.  What do I have to do to get people to download my stories?

I can take any criticism, if you hate it, let me know, if you like it, let me know.  What I’m not looking for is insults toward me personally.  I’m only asking for opinions about my short stories.  How can I improve if people won’t give me feed back on my writings?  That’s what I don’t get because no one reads my stories when I get them published on Amazon so I don’t know if I’m doing a good job or not!

I’m sure feeling the “love.”

/end frustration.

New WordPress Navigation: Categories Created

At first, I had all my writings jumbled mostly into the “daily rants” category, but then I decided to take my sweet time to organize all my writings into the correct categories they belong and I’m finally finished with that!

I’ve also done this for my other page: http://francescaping.wordpress.com

A while back, I didn’t like the idea of having a “static page” on the first screen, but now that I’ve set up all the categories on the navigation bar, it works out.  For the longest time I was trying to figure out how to sort everything.

I hope everyone enjoys the new layout and navigation and that it is much easier to find everything.

-F.J. Ping


I’ve noticed that many people seem to complain about the privacy settings here.  The way I see it is if a person doesn’t want anyone knowing about something on the Internet, then don’t post it at all: it’s as simple as that.

I thought about making my posts protected for a while because in the past strangers have abused my posts and used them against me to judge me while they hide in privacy where I couldn’t see their posts to see what they’re all about on a different nameless writing community, but those people aren’t worth my time.   I think it’s fascinating when people are already going through shitty situations and trolls have nothing better to do than to make people feel like crap even more, or attempt to.

It shows a lot about their characters when they use someone’s personal blogging space to judge a person’s life when that’s not what the blogs were created for.  It wasn’t even a story, it was a venting space.  Yes, people are cruel like that, but I will never be like them.

Basically if anyone is so concerned with hiding talking about other people behind people’s backs, just don’t post at all.  I’m kind of getting sick of seeing posts complain about the lack of privacy on the freaking Internet: there is no such thing as privacy online.