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Sometimes I’ll get in the mood to rant about my football team or any other sports. My friends always did tell me I should be one of those sports debaters.

Sports Corner: Notre Dame Haters

This is my very first post at the “Sports Corner” section of my blog.  Lately, actually, every year, I do have a problem with most people who hate ND.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to NOT be friends with someone just because they dislike the university, but I can’t stand people who hate ND so much that they can’t admit it is one of the top Ivy League universities.

Many people would do almost anything to try to get an education there and the people who hate ND don’t even have the GPAs to get in, in the first place.  I guess maybe that’s why they’re extreme haters?  It was their dream school, the university turned them down, and now they hate everything about it, right?

I’ll admit, I didn’t get in…but that’s because I didn’t apply myself.  I still got into Saint Mary’s College as a second choice so that has to say something, right?  The only thing that stopped me from getting into Notre Dame were my dumb SAT scores because I’m a shitty test taker.  They said I had all the extra curricular and everything else, but damn, I just suck at taking tests like that.

Everyone who personally knows me knows I’m smarter than smart and they tell me every day why did I mess up my life?  I messed up my life twice, and I still managed to get into Notre Dame a second time, and I messed it up AGAIN!  I just didn’t want to be at a university any longer.  I’ve been working at universities all my life and it’s like I never graduated college.  The people there get younger while I get older.  I needed a fresh start somewhere else, like a factory.

I delete anyone from my Facebook friends list who is blinded by their ND hatred.  If it weren’t for the university, we wouldn’t have people from all over the world coming to that town and it literally would be a ghost town.  If they don’t like Notre Dame, they can get the fuck out.  One of these days, I swear I want to ask a ND hater, “Can you even get into the university in the first place?”