Sliders Season 6 Episode 1

Sliders Season 6 Episode 1

Sliders Season 6 Episode 1 Part 1

For those who know about the series, you remember how things ended in Season 5, and I am continuing my version of Season 6.


The original sliders consisted of Quinn Mallory, scientist and genius who first worked on his professor’s theory for inter-dimensional traveling and solved the missing piece to the theory.  A strong minded professor from the university with quite a personality, shy Wade Wells who was in love with Quinn but Quinn always denied his feelings for her, and Rembrant Brown, an innocent bystander singer who was on his way to sing the national anthem when he got sucked into the worm hole.

Season 6 Episode 1 Part 1

“Home” Sweet “Home”

Rembrant keeps reminiscing how the original crew met.  He used to give Quinn a hard time for ruining his life.  If he had the chance to re-do everything that’s happened to everyone’s worlds, would he do it?  Everyone’s fate was on his hands to destroy these bastardly Kromaggs.

Sitting by himself now at a broken down Chandler Hotel in this new dimension which is supposed to be the coordinates to Rembrant’s original world where this whole fiasco first started, Rembrant is determined to get everything back in order: his old friends, and to turn everything back the way it was.  Somehow he needs to find a dimension with a time traveling device to where he can go back to that very day where Alternate Quinn solved the theory for Original Quinn.  There’s got to be an extremely advanced technology dimension out there!

It can’t end like this: Kromaggs destroying most dimensions and nearly driving the human race to extinction, his friends shot and killed, butchered and died a painful death.  Then there’s Maggie, Diana, and Mallory who are waiting for him to return at another dimension he must somehow go back to, but with the device sucking him into worlds at random, he has slim to no chances of going back.

As long as they are safe, Rembrant thinks to himself.  And that they don’t have to run from anything for a change.

With a stroke of luck, they managed to slide into the dimension where everyone is rich and there are no more money problems for anyone and he was able to leave his friends at a peaceful place.  Now it is up to him.  He needs to get Quinn out of Mallory and they have to find Colin again.  It can’t end like this.  He’s determined.