A Restless Pursuit (An Open Letter)


Copyright © 2014, Jessica Frances All rights reserved. ***This is a series I have been working on for the past three months and this is the beginning. Edit: I’ve decided to make this all free. A Restless Pursuit (An Open Letter) January 07, 2014             To whom it may concern:      How do you live […]

My Journey to You Chapter 3: Flash Back

About six years ago, or whenever that was that I started coming out of my shell more and talked to men more, I didn’t think I’d ever run into the situation where I would ever be The Other Woman.  I always thought that people would be honest if they are with someone or not, but […]

My Journey to You Chapter 2: Ok! Fun

Chapter 2: Ok! Fun A while back, I had signed up for Ok! Cupid out of pure boredom and for kicks.  I kept my account open.  Sometimes I would get messages from people on there but I wouldn’t reply because I’m not serious about meeting anyone in person from there at all.  My account was […]

Chapter 1: Moving Forward

Chapter 1: Moving Forward I noticed that one by one, when I would kick out the negative people who used to be in my life that were dragging me down, I felt a sense of relief and some burden lifted off my shoulders.  Sometimes I’ll give people second chances, but when they don’t take them, […]

Fun Fact #6: My Bucket List

Fun Fact #6:  I’ve never really created one of these, but I thought I should for fun. *Publish a best seller novel and/or short story collection *Travel to every place we have ever wanted to go *Get hired in permanently at a full time job that I like and not settling for jobs I don’t […]

My Journey to Something New

Introduction My Journey to Something New I have never been in a true long distance relationship.  Michigan to Indiana isn’t too far.  I can be in Michigan in an instant.  I was just in Kalamazoo not too long ago for a video shoot.  I won’t count visiting someone in Michigan years ago, especially since we […]

Fun Fact #4: Real Talk for a Minute, No Fantasies

Baby, you don’t even know what you do to me.  I keep imagining how much FUN we would have if we were to meet in person with all the things that we have talked about: snowboarding, skiing, surfing, etc.  Since you’re by mountains, maybe hiking one day?  A picnic in a hidden area in the […]

Fun Fact #1: My Co-Workers

Fun Fact:  I still keep in touch with a lot of my co-workers from all the jobs I was at for a while.  If I only stayed somewhere for three days I didn’t bother.  One of my roommates is someone I volunteered with a few years ago.  I have this thing about me where people […]

That Young Stud Virgin

That Young Stud Virgin               I’ve always liked younger guys because the older guys in my city play too many games with me.  I said to myself if I’m going to talk to someone immature, may as well talk to a younger guy who at least still keeps in shape instead of these older gentlemen […]


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