Life 101

I’m doing this thing where I only surround myself with people who only have good things to say, but not just good things, constructive criticism as well [which is still always good]. People these days are always looking to belittling people any way they can and I don’t need that in my life.  They don’t […]

My Thoughts on this article.

I read in the Yahoo! news how a 26-year-old woman applied to a senior position without the experience required.  In a way she did deserve the backlash, but in another way, it was not classy for a senior recruiter to speak like that: so unprofessional.  One shouldn’t apply to jobs in which they know they’re […]

Some Hypocritical Idiots in my Town

Not to anyone on my friend’s list, but about my haters. Some people in this town are such morons, I swear. So you finally divorce the loser AFTER you bring a baby into the world with him. You couldn’t leave him the first 50 times he cheated on you before you had that baby? You […]


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