Instead of writing long blogs about whatever is on my mind, this area is for short thoughts, kind of like a twitter or a Facebook status.

Life 101

I’m doing this thing where I only surround myself with people who only have good things to say, but not just good things, constructive criticism as well [which is still always good]. People these days are always looking to belittling people any way they can and I don’t need that in my life.  They don’t know what battles people are fighting.  Actually they do know, and they still choose to act like uncaring trolls.  I guess their parents never raised them right from wrong and they never raised them to have any sensitivity I suppose.

All it takes is a few small words to brighten someone’s day.  I always like to have meaningful conversations with other bloggers and I enjoy talking to those who like my Web site on here and I have checked out yours as well!  The world needs one less bully and one more positive person.

My Thoughts on this article.

I read in the Yahoo! news how a 26-year-old woman applied to a senior position without the experience required.  In a way she did deserve the backlash, but in another way, it was not classy for a senior recruiter to speak like that: so unprofessional.  One shouldn’t apply to jobs in which they know they’re not qualified for.

Some Hypocritical Idiots in my Town

Not to anyone on my friend’s list, but about my haters. Some people in this town are such morons, I swear. So you finally divorce the loser AFTER you bring a baby into the world with him. You couldn’t leave him the first 50 times he cheated on you before you had that baby? You couldn’t leave him before you reproduced with him? I feel sorry for that baby having you two idiots as parents!

Search Words

Whenever I see how some readers got here through search words, their search phrases and words crack me up.  I bet they weren’t expecting anything as to what I was writing while they were typing in their search words to find something else.  Although I do hope my posts have helped some readers find what they are looking for unintentionally.