Xin’s Missing Star

Author’s Note Most of my stories will be based off of true real life events.  I’m sort of stuck in how I want to end my story with this unexpected no contact from my far away love.  I could write two versions which would be drastic mood changes.  Or should I leave it to one […]

A Fantasy I’d Rather not Happen in Reality!

A few posts ago, I talked about Jake who goes to Texas A & M that I had met on Omegle weeks ago.  After he had done something extremely rude, I figured he wouldn’t message me again, especially when I didn’t seem interested at all.  When he kept prying me to show him things I […]

Fun Fact #4: Real Talk for a Minute, No Fantasies

Baby, you don’t even know what you do to me.  I keep imagining how much FUN we would have if we were to meet in person with all the things that we have talked about: snowboarding, skiing, surfing, etc.  Since you’re by mountains, maybe hiking one day?  A picnic in a hidden area in the […]

Fun Fact #3: Indiana Peeps

I don’t meet a lot of people from Indiana on any social networking sites if I don’t already know them from in person.  So it was actually a pleasant surprise when I met one person who lives 40 minutes away and another Indianan who lives 20 minutes away from Indianapolis.  I thought I was the […]

Once Upon a Time, it was Lust at First Site.

A couple of my friends have encouraged me to try online dating sites but I always told them I want to meet someone in person with this epic story behind it.  I love great stories.  I mean, how boring does this sound, “I met him through all these online profiles and thought he was the […]

Channing Tatum Look-A-Like

I was talking to a man named Matt, 23-years-old, from Colorado on that site today.  He literally reminds me of Channing Tatum.  Looks exactly like the actor, I’m not kidding…and then the chat froze on us.  I had him standing up for me walking around in a circle pretending like he was a model, he […]

That Young Stud Virgin

That Young Stud Virgin               I’ve always liked younger guys because the older guys in my city play too many games with me.  I said to myself if I’m going to talk to someone immature, may as well talk to a younger guy who at least still keeps in shape instead of these older gentlemen […]


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