I’m drowning in my fantasies.  I’d rather stay locked in my room all day writing them than live in the real world and find someone I can see face-to-face who I have no desire like this for.  Did I say I ever wanted to leave?  I don’t want to.  Not ever, unless I see The […]

Our Story

I have spent sleepless nights trying to write my book.  I still haven’t finished.  I keep telling myself I need to finish it so I can stop thinking about him.  I don’t want to publish it because those are some very private thoughts but I know I’ve told people I’m writing a book and they […]

Chapter 2: Blue-Haired Freak Show

Chapter 2: Blue-Haired Freak Show “What’s the craziest thing you have ever done for love?” When J saw this question posted at a forum, she shared her experiences.  Of course, an ugly, jealous freak show judged her for what she did.  The same group of wannabe nuns seemed to always judge her no matter what […]

Nightmares Always Come True

“I don’t want you anymore,” I said. “But you wrote a book about me and everything that we wished we could be,” he pleaded. “You didn’t wait for me.  I waited for you.  I wanted to be your first in a long time just like you are mine.  You saw how much it is going […]

Fed Up!

The other day I sent my lost love messages saying how much he ruined my life longing for him and him not even wanting to try out a long distance and that I’m never going to have the dream family I always wanted because it wouldn’t feel right with anyone else.  Since he’s not responding […]

Love at First Tweet

“Do you have a twitter?” My darling asks me when he first started chatting with me. “Yeah, but I just gotta warn you…I’m pretty much uncensored on my statuses.  I’ll say what I want when I want and how I want,” I explain. I did not want him to be on my Facebook account and […]


She often wonders if she will ever feel loved by someone she loves. She felt something close to it for a while from someone far away but guesses she was not worthy enough to go the distance for. She tries to write a story to get over it because nothing else seemed to work. Her […]

Xin’s Missing Star

Author’s Note Most of my stories will be based off of true real life events.  I’m sort of stuck in how I want to end my story with this unexpected no contact from my far away love.  I could write two versions which would be drastic mood changes.  Or should I leave it to one […]

Aw, #cute YouTube videos of #LDRs

I’m bored so I’ve been going to YouTube looking up other people’s long distance stories and some of them have videos! They are so cute.  I hope to make one some day to go along with my story.  That would be a video of our journey.  Work needs to call me back to work already. […]

Doubts #blog

If it’s one thing I hate, it’s people telling me I can’t do something: like saying I can’t publish a #1 best seller because I don’t have the “credentials” like some numbers have to “verify” me.  Have people ever heard of the saying, sometimes the undiscovered are better than the brand names, they just don’t […]


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