Article: Shocked

I recently saw a Yahoo! article where a father killed a 17-year-old boy who was hiding under a father’s 16-year-old daughter’s bed all because the daughter lied – the boy is dead.  Now an unnecessary tragedy has happened and a father may do some jail time all because he was wanting to protect his daughter. […]

Michael Jackson’s accusations

I agree with the Jury in this case and I’m glad the courts worked in his favor. The only one who was abused all his life was Michael Jackson: being mentally abused by his father and the majority of the world who continuously makes up rumors about him. Why do people believe those rumors? Those […]


I just got called a troll and I haven’t even said or done anything.  All I’ve been doing lately is posting my stories and whoever stumbles upon them sees them.  Um, what is “trollish” about someone who’s done nothing but posting her stories and thoughts on her own blogs and minded her own business and […]

The Silent Voter(s)

Instead of leaving a comment on my blog posts, someone has been going through all my posts giving my posts one out of five stars.  I’m pretty sure my introduction to this site said my site will not be for everyone and I’m not going to waste my time proving myself to people who don’t […]

Doubts #blog

If it’s one thing I hate, it’s people telling me I can’t do something: like saying I can’t publish a #1 best seller because I don’t have the “credentials” like some numbers have to “verify” me.  Have people ever heard of the saying, sometimes the undiscovered are better than the brand names, they just don’t […]

Animal Cruelty: My Thoughts, R.I.P. Puppy Rocko #blog #endanimalabuse Why on earth did this douche bag think it would be a great idea to kill that puppy for peeing on the carpet all the time?  He could have just returned the animal to the animal shelter if he couldn’t handle the pet peeing everywhere all the time — any SANE person would do.  […]


The Quote “Be Who You Are, No one else” – Sometimes I laugh at the way people use this quote to justify their horrible actions to the world saying that’s who they are.  So what they’re saying is that they’re a disrespectful coward, hypocrite, cheater, mistress and they don’t have to change because that’s who […]

Fun Fact #7: I hate borrowing $ from people.

Maybe it’s because I’m lucky I don’t have any children to provide for right now, but I hate borrowing money from people.  If you’re on your own though, you have no excuse to borrow money from other people if you have no children.  And then there are people who will take all the money they […]

Something that’s always bugged me.

I used to have this one “friend” who would “steal” my friends even though she has her own friends.  I don’t know if she did it unintentionally or what, but either way, my so-called “friends” would forget about me and talk to her more.  On Facebook, I was in a defriending mood. One guy who […]


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