Love at First Tweet

“Do you have a twitter?” My darling asks me when he first started chatting with me. “Yeah, but I just gotta warn you…I’m pretty much uncensored on my statuses.  I’ll say what I want when I want and how I want,” I explain. I did not want him to be on my Facebook account and […]

Xin’s Missing Star

Author’s Note Most of my stories will be based off of true real life events.  I’m sort of stuck in how I want to end my story with this unexpected no contact from my far away love.  I could write two versions which would be drastic mood changes.  Or should I leave it to one […]

An Imaginary Conversation

With the amount of effort I’m trying to perfect my first novel I’m writing, I could foresee it potentially getting known in the state of the man who I want and his father somehow getting a hold of the book.  That would be quite the awkward conversation.  I can imagine his father talking to his […]

Introduction & Chapter 1 – My Journey to You

Prologue You know that feeling you get when you think you’ve met The One?  I’ve only ever felt that once for someone in my town.  I was so sure because usually my Woman’s Intuitions never fail me, I hardly ever used to listen to myself until I finally felt it.  I used to give people […]

My Journey to Something New

Introduction My Journey to Something New I have never been in a true long distance relationship.  Michigan to Indiana isn’t too far.  I can be in Michigan in an instant.  I was just in Kalamazoo not too long ago for a video shoot.  I won’t count visiting someone in Michigan years ago, especially since we […]

I Know We’re Joking, but Still…

Imagine This. My first post in my “Imagine This” category. —————————————————— I can’t help but keep thinking about what being married to you would be like.  We’d save money and travel the world together. I know we’re just joking about it now, but I can totally see it happening the way we say it will […]


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