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I like to venture through different topics on writing, including fantasy stories. I didn’t used to write these kinds of stories, but I figured, “What the hey, let’s see what my imagination can come up with. . .”

Open Your Eyes (A Fantasy Story)

deathWarning: Contains adult material, only for mature audiences.

Prepare to read the confessions of an angry woman.  Sometimes releasing all your anger is therapeutic.  Bottling it up inside is no good.  A non-fictional story about a hopeless woman who vents her frustrations of not being able to easily see the one she wants to be with because he is 8+ hours away.  She has too much free time on her hands to think about things and writes them down from her dreams.  This is her escape from reality.

**Looks like I had to post the first chapter last in order for things to be read in the correct sequence at its own tab.

This series is officially completed.  [A different series from my “A Restless Pursuit.”]

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A Fantasy I’d Rather not Happen in Reality!

A few posts ago, I talked about Jake who goes to Texas A & M that I had met on Omegle weeks ago.  After he had done something extremely rude, I figured he wouldn’t message me again, especially when I didn’t seem interested at all.  When he kept prying me to show him things I would not.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, the dude was attractive, I just wasn’t into him.  He didn’t want to have conversations about life.  He just wanted to get to the good stuff and that honestly does not turn me on at all.  I like to talk for a while, and have meaningful conversations, then if the time is right, sexy things might happen.

Jake messaged me on kik asking if we could skype later and he said I should stick a banana in my pussy for him to watch.

I’m thinking, is this dude serious?

I literally said, “lol, no.”

After that he asked me if I had a dildo [also said no to that].

Then he said, “a remote control.”

At this point I’m for real laughing my fucking ass off like no tomorrow.  Is this supposed to be sexy talk or something?

He was for serious.  Oh, lord.  Why me?  Why was I not blessed to have a smooth sailing love life?

All I’ve ever been was as decent of a person as I can be and to whomever decides I’m worth it to try to work things out with no matter the distance or whatever obstacles in the way will find that in an instant.  He will be rewarded with a respectable and faithful spouse.  And when he does, I hope he takes good care of a diamond.

Smart guys know what they have when they have it, dumb guys throw a good thing away [this applies to women, also.]

Night Time Tease

Night Time Tease

Some nights, she imagines herself being touched in every which way.  Other nights, she’ll be so busy she won’t care for some play time.  She doesn’t know what to do when she can’t talk to the one that makes her go wild and aching for his touch.  Other people do nothing for her so she doesn’t waste her own time talking to someone else.  Only he can please her in the best way ever.  No one before him has truly cared to satisfy her.  They’ve only thought for themselves.  He cares to please her just as she cares to please him.

Whenever she gets lost in her thoughts, she closes her eyes in bed at night and imagines him on top of her and having his way with her.  Sometimes, she reaches out, but forgets that it’s only a dream, yet it seemed so real.  If only it were real, she hopes it will be as great as she imagines it will be.  It got her hot and bothered as if his presence was in her room, anyway.  If he was physically present in her room, what it would do to her.

They are in bed.  He slowly moves his hand up her naked legs and naked body until he reaches her insides with his fingers and finds the one thing that no other man has found before at the same time she holds him in her hand slowly massaging him getting him ready.  She whispers in his ear, “I want your cock in me right now.”  He kisses her soft lips so gently and removes his fingers from her ready to stay in her all night long until they can no longer take it anymore.  Babe can go no more after a while as she ever so lightly pushes him off her and rests her head on his chest.  He gives her forehead a little peck and they fall asleep in each others arms.

Once Upon a Time, it was Lust at First Site.

A couple of my friends have encouraged me to try online dating sites but I always told them I want to meet someone in person with this epic story behind it.  I love great stories.  I mean, how boring does this sound, “I met him through all these online profiles and thought he was the best one out of all of them.”  It’s like applying for a job online.

A friend said, “You could always talk about the dates you go on after you meet them in person.”

Still, it’s not the same.

Then again, I’d say this story would be pretty epic: finding someone datable on Omegle who isn’t just looking to play, hahaha, especially scrolling through all those dick videos, oh. my. God.  I was just looking for friends to talk to on there.  I didn’t think I’d really like anyone as more, honestly.  And then it happened when I least expected it.

I totally feel ya though about wanting fate to happen in person, because that’s what I wanted for the longest time and I don’t think I’m going to get what I want where I live and it’s looking grimmer by the day with the people in my town.  I’d HAVE to look online, or I wouldn’t have to, but just be lonely.  It’s all good.  Hopefully I have my work to keep me preoccupied about not thinking about being alone.  I’ve been without for so long, I’ve just stopped caring.  Every time I get my hopes up I always get crushed in the end.  I’m just trying to have a positive attitude even when things look hopeless.

Channing Tatum Look-A-Like

I was talking to a man named Matt, 23-years-old, from Colorado on that site today.  He literally reminds me of Channing Tatum.  Looks exactly like the actor, I’m not kidding…and then the chat froze on us.  I had him standing up for me walking around in a circle pretending like he was a model, he looked like one, LOL.  I was just telling him a funny story about me and my two guy roommates and he was laughing so hard at it damn it.  I hate that site for freezing a lot just as I’m about to get into good conversations with people on there.

When the chat froze we started writing hand written notes to show on the cam it was hilarious but then that froze, too.  Ahhh.

Well, a new person who I may potentially talk to not Matt, did tell me I am an unforgettable person and people will always remember me even if they only meet me for five minutes.  I have a lasting impression!  What can I say?

Matt was the first person I met from Colorado on there and he told me he hopes he made a good impression for Colorado people and I said he sure did.

That Young Stud Virgin

That Young Stud Virgin              

I’ve always liked younger guys because the older guys in my city play too many games with me.  I said to myself if I’m going to talk to someone immature, may as well talk to a younger guy who at least still keeps in shape instead of these older gentlemen who are so unsettling.  Mind you, the younger guys I talk to, they are still men even if they are a few years younger than me.  At least they’re the age of a man, but maybe have the mentality of children, ha.  Omegle is quite the interesting online video chat community.  If someone is making you uncomfortable, you can always immediately X out of the screen and start talking to someone new in an instant without a trace of them finding you again.  It’s like a virtual one-night stand.  I’m not on there to show my genitals to people, I just like talking to people from all over the world.  If I come across the right person, maybe we can play on cam.  That’s just not my kind of thing.  I’ve met people from the UK, Sweden, Denmark, and especially Finland.

This particular boy, 18, from Finland intrigued me.  He’s the youngest guy I’ve ever talked to, and the only really young one.  I don’t purposely go searching for 18-year-olds or younger.  As soon as they tell me they’re 17 or 16, I usually X out of those screens until I find someone closer to my age.

Probably because he told me he’s still a virgin, at 18-years-old.  I said, “Wow, why still a virgin?  You’re cute, know how to sing and play piano AND guitar.  What girl wouldn’t want you there?”  I don’t know any people these days anymore who are still virgins, even at 18.  I mean, look at Charley who is 21-years-old, and has two children.  He had to have started really young.

Finland boy replied, “I have many girls that want to date me.  That’s just not a high priority for me right now.”

I told him there’s not really any good guys in my town and I’m so lonely.

He said, “Maybe a man is not meant for you right now, but you will find him.”

I wanted him to hug me right then.

We skyped the whole night.  I didn’t get any sleep at all and was still talking to him at 6:30 AM my time and it was like 11:00 AM his time.  I had so much fun talking to him and he said he didn’t want to do anything else but talk to me all day.  He was singing to me.   He played his guitar, piano.  I sang to him, too.  It was sweet.  He’s in Finland, sigh.

We tried scheduling another time to talk, but with the time difference, it was hard.  I finally saw him online again so I sent him a message asking him how he was doing and what is he up to?

He replied, “It’s 5 A.M. and I can’t sleep so I got on here.”

I said, “Can I see you on cam so you can say goodnight to me?”

We saw each other and waved.

He then ended the conversation with, “Well I’m going to go to bed now.  Uni starts Tuesday.  I’ll see you some day.”

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New Tab: Erotica Stories

My stories have mostly been innocent rated PG stories.  I’m in the sort of mood to write some sexy stories.  Full on nothing but sex stories.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t kissed a guy or done anything at all with a guy in forever, more like two years.  I don’t know, but this tab was born.

Plus, some interesting things have been happening in my life lately and all of my stories are in fact based off of true events and then I change them into sort of a fanfiction type deal starring me as the main character, lol.