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I’m Too Everything.

Some of the ones that I would possibly give a chance live too far from me and I don’t do long distance.  I’m trying to figure out why I’m single and why I can’t get a nice, good-looking guy.  Why are all the ones that are nice to me not exactly attractive?  And even ugly ones think they can be pretentious to me to which I say who do they think they are?  I think it’s only fair that I should have a chance at someone who looks decent when I look and act decent for someone as well.  If someone isn’t physically attracted to someone they can’t force it and I’m not a bad person for that.  I’ve tried giving an ugly guy a chance, I’ve written about him before and he irritated me with his ego even though he didn’t have the looks to act the way he did.  Are all the good looking guys really taken and the ones that are good looking and single jerks?  Seems like it.

I’m too smart.  They don’t like a girl with brains.  That must be it.  I always outsmart them and their mind games.

I’m too good looking.  Maybe, that’s it.  They don’t want to take a girl like me to the club even though when I’ve been to clubs and bars before I’ve had other guys tell my then “date” how lucky they are to have someone pretty like me on their arm and the guy I went with wasn’t a boyfriend or a date, just a friend.  Maybe they don’t like that attractive attention that I bring, is that right?

The infamous I’m Too Nice.  Do they really like bitchy girls?  I hate to say, I’m not one.  Do men think that just because I’m too nice they think they can get away with anything they do?

Is it because I’m too forgiving?  I give the shitty men a second chance to turn it around and he still thought he could try and treat me like a one night stand then a few weeks later he’s in a relationship with this emo-looking girl.  He did say that I probably think he’s a scrub when I honestly didn’t think he was.  I liked his ambition which made up for his other things he was lacking.

I’m too funny.  They don’t want a funny girl, right?  They want a girl that’s always serious, all the time, is that right?

I’m too lenient.  I always let men do what they want and I don’t keep tabs on them because at the end of the day they’re supposed to come home to me…maybe you don’t like that freedom right?  I’m not the girl that be looking in your phone for other girls you’re messaging behind my back.  I don’t care what you do because once I find out if something fishy is going on out in the open, I’ll drop ya like a hot potato.  Don’t think I’ll take you back if I’ve found out you’ve cheated on me.


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