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If this is true, Justin Timberlake


I always used to look up to Justin.  Hearing that he may have possibly cheated will lose all my respect I had for him if it is in fact true.  It hit him pretty hard when Britney cheated on him so I don’t know why he would even think to do that to Jessica Biel?  Whoever that woman was who was with Justin at the club all know he is married and yet they still look cozy.  I have a distaste for people who still knowingly go after someone that is extremely unavailable.

If they have the money to squander, that’s their choice.

I recently saw this article http://celebrity.yahoo.com/news/beyonce-39-daughter-blue-ivy-gets-mini-cadillac-143000596-us-weekly.html?bcmt=comments-postbox

The comments disgusted me attacking Beyonce and Jay Z for buying their daughter a mini Cadillac.  I tried to type something in the Yahoo! comments but the comments wouldn’t load up, and it’s probably best that it didn’t work so I decided to blog about it.

It’s not like Beyonce is a stuck up celebrity.  She’s one of the nicer ones.  She earned her money fair and square and she can spend it any way she pleases.  As long as she’s not spending money she doesn’t have, who is one to bitch at her for it?  Would you like it if people told you what to do with your money when you earned it?  If you want to do something about the starving children of this world, donate your own damn money instead of bitching about the rich getting richer.  They have donated to charities, do you expect every penny they earn to go feed the hungry and they have nothing for themselves?  It’s a dog eat dog world and it always has been that way.  Some have what it takes and some don’t.

ND you Disappoint me Once Again.

Ya know, it’s hard being a real fan of a team who disappoints you time and again just when you’re getting your hopes up that maybe they’re turning around.  After an undefeated regular season to go to the National Champs just to get their asses kicked by Alabama when they played well all season wow…looks like they didn’t have two touch downs in them the last few minutes this year.  Granted, I think Alabama cheated and they were on some sort of enhancements.  No way they beat an undefeated team legit like that. Sigh…I miss the days of Brady Quinn and Jeff Smardzija.  I knew they were being too cocky already just because they had a great season opener, ugh.  This is worse than trying to have a romantic relationship with a man.  So much for making it into the National Champs this year, unless you’re the #2 team and this is the only loss.

A Music Playlist Says a Lot.

After I’ve been invested in creating the perfect music playlist with every kinds of genre, I got to thinking that what a person listens to does say a lot about their personality.

For example, C, who I am not attracted to at all, listens to weird pod casts that nobody has ever heard of.  We would not click at all, on top of me not being attracted to him anyway.

I have all sorts of goodies on my playlist ranging from the 80s, Queen, Aaliyah, Notorious B.I.G., TuPac, Snoop, Aerosmoth, Guns ‘n Roses, Eminem, Red Hot Chili peppers, R. Kelly, Sublime  Cake, Weezer, to what’s of today Flo Rida, Fun, Vampire Weekend…mostly everything except for country.

When James swooned over some of my playlist, I think we’ll definitely get a long just fine.  Now I wonder what kinds of movie he likes…he was ooing at Top Gun, Lol.

Cool Beans.

I just found out I can download the Kindle app onto my iPod that’s basically the iPhone without the phone part, and even then I can make phone calls and text for free on my iPod without a contract through the Pinger program.  The only catch is that there is a limited amount of call minutes when you sign up: 70 free minutes.

Now I don’t have to actually buy a separate Kindle.

My Technology Collection

So far this is my technology collection.  My iPod Nano and iPod shuffle are not here, and my desktop is outside in the living room.  I do not own an iPad but my roommate does and my other roommate has the MacBook.  I do not own a kindle; it’s there in spirit opened up on my browser screen for when I can save the money to get it.  I don’t think I’m going to get an iPad.  I don’t see what the point is for that, other than to add to my collection.  I watch movies on my DVD/Blue Ray player and Netflix.


I thought it was stupid when Apple upgraded the Nano to the bigger iPod without the camera first.  Then they came out with another version with the camera.  Why didn’t they just skip to the one with the camera in the first place?  I had an iPhone but I thought it was too expensive and deactivated it.  I actually like separating my iPod with my cell phone.