Here I will publish my two cents about daily articles I read on the Internet.

Article: Shocked

I recently saw a Yahoo! article where a father killed a 17-year-old boy who was hiding under a father’s 16-year-old daughter’s bed all because the daughter lied – the boy is dead.  Now an unnecessary tragedy has happened and a father may do some jail time all because he was wanting to protect his daughter.

Some kids these days are very disrespectful, even some adults, too.  Were they not raised to be a decent human being? I wonder.  I thought it was common sense.  I shake my head at the way people are becoming these days, even on the Internet.  More and more children are given access to Internet now than ever before and trolling sites that they shouldn’t be on in the first place.

What happened to some of today’s children?  I saw another video a 13-year-old girl disappeared for three days without notifying her family. She came back wearing a hoe-dress at 13-years-old.

I’m not going to write off all of today’s children.

There was an eight-year-old boy who saved his entire family from a fire and he ended up dying trying to save his uncle.  Big responsibilities for a young boy and it’s unfortunate he didn’t survive.

Still, there’s not enough children like the eight-year-old boy who saved his family from the fire.

More reckless, disrespectful children, parents uploading videos of their five-year-olds cursing on the Internet.  What in the world?!  On vine, I can’t tell you how many kids, ten-year-olds I’ve seen using foul words and language they shouldn’t even know about at that age.

Michael Jackson’s accusations

I agree with the Jury in this case and I’m glad the courts worked in his favor. The only one who was abused all his life was Michael Jackson: being mentally abused by his father and the majority of the world who continuously makes up rumors about him. Why do people believe those rumors? Those rumors are made up by greedy moral-less bastards out for his money.

Why would Michael Jackson want to ruin someone else’s childhood when he never had one of his own?  He set up a foundation for helping children, and now that’s twisted and turned into something it’s not.  Now after his death more secret children, secret wives bullshit are popping up.  People are SICK and I hope they go to where they belong.  I guess they were never taught right from wrong.

I don’t get how these people can feel good about themselves trying to make money off of defaming Michael Jackson.  If I ever run into one of these people I’ll let them know what I think of them.

I really don’t get how people can feel good about themselves knowing where they get their money, how they got it, and sit there take hand-me-downs.  I’m struggling to pay rent each month, people have offered to help and I still don’t take their offers!  I’m more of a I like to earn my things, work hard blood sweat and tears.

Animal Cruelty: My Thoughts, R.I.P. Puppy Rocko #blog #endanimalabuse

Why on earth did this douche bag think it would be a great idea to kill that puppy for peeing on the carpet all the time?  He could have just returned the animal to the animal shelter if he couldn’t handle the pet peeing everywhere all the time — any SANE person would do.  People who kill for dumb stupid reasons, then send the picture in a text deserve a special place in Hell.  And then the idiot was released after some days?  I hope someone will choke and strangle this officer in the same fashion he did that puppy would be a great justice for the little poor animal.

Animal shelters more and more these days need to do a thorough background check on who they allow adopt the animals, as well as pet stores.  If pet stores do not do a thorough investigation on who they sell a pet to just to make some money, whoever responsible for allowing these people to adopt/buy the pets should be an accomplice as well for animal abuse and sentenced.  This needs to end once and for all.  If I come across another article of an animal abuser I might just publish a series on these horrible inhuman Neanderthals hoping it will catch some news.  This is the kind of thing that is news worthy, not some 15-year-old having sex with a hot pocket. /face palm.

My Thoughts on this article.

I read in the Yahoo! news how a 26-year-old woman applied to a senior position without the experience required.  In a way she did deserve the backlash, but in another way, it was not classy for a senior recruiter to speak like that: so unprofessional.  One shouldn’t apply to jobs in which they know they’re not qualified for.

What the hell is wrong with people?

You didn’t want to feed your months old baby because you wanted to play video games and smoke pot?  You know you can do all three dumb asses!  Maybe you should have used protection or close your legs if you can’t grow up and face responsibilities!  Damn, almost abortion would have been better then that hell death that little baby went through: died with fists clenched and eyes open, the hell these heartless monsters!  I’m not going to comment on abortion, though.  I have mixed feelings about it.

Poor baby who didn’t make it:

I am so happy to read this baby was saved:

I don’t care if you used to be a partier mother.  i know once a child is in the picture, I could never abandon that child if I ever have one.  People like my friends who can’t have children who would be way better parents than these scum bags and some of my friends don’t get the chance to have children, while filth reproduce.  There’s a special place in hell for parents like these in those two articles.

Articles like these makes me want to lose faith in humanity more and more each day.  They deserve the death penalty in the exact fashion they neglected their child: no food, no water, not being able to change for 8 days to see how they like it!  They deserve to be neglected and left alone until someone cares to give them anything the way they did their babies.

If they have the money to squander, that’s their choice.

I recently saw this article

The comments disgusted me attacking Beyonce and Jay Z for buying their daughter a mini Cadillac.  I tried to type something in the Yahoo! comments but the comments wouldn’t load up, and it’s probably best that it didn’t work so I decided to blog about it.

It’s not like Beyonce is a stuck up celebrity.  She’s one of the nicer ones.  She earned her money fair and square and she can spend it any way she pleases.  As long as she’s not spending money she doesn’t have, who is one to bitch at her for it?  Would you like it if people told you what to do with your money when you earned it?  If you want to do something about the starving children of this world, donate your own damn money instead of bitching about the rich getting richer.  They have donated to charities, do you expect every penny they earn to go feed the hungry and they have nothing for themselves?  It’s a dog eat dog world and it always has been that way.  Some have what it takes and some don’t.