Around the World

Someday I hope to travel the world with a traveling companion. For now, I can only write about places I’ve already been.

Something New

I’ve been thinking lately about wanting to write about something new other than what I have been writing about.  I mainly take things happening from my life.  If I have nothing going on, then I won’t write, which is why I took a long hiatus for a while.  When more bizarre things started happening in my life again, I wrote again.  I don’t want to just blog or write stories about my life [which, I know could be a soap opera, hahahaha].  Eventually I want to make travel blogs, traveling stories.  I can’t travel right now, though.  Other than that, maybe I was thinking a celebrity gossip column, I don’t know.  I really need to practice writing purely fictional stories not based off of anything that’s happened in my life.  All of my stories have been based off of things that’s happened to me.  Perhaps I could create a purely fictional story pretending that I traveled, hmm…I’d just have to look up all the places I want my character to go to on the Internet I suppose.  Who knows, got any ideas?  I’d love for you to share them in this post.

Maybe I can create a fan fiction based off of my favorite Sci-Fi series ever: Sliders, a show from 1999.  I would use all the character names as they are in the show.  I would like to re-write how the show ended.  I’m so pissed the way they ended the series.