Being Patient

So things calmed down with the boy again and we actually had a real conversation.  Maybe if I am just patient with him he will come visit.  We’re chatting like old times even better on the phone now not just texts.  I want to hang out so bad!  Why do the good ones have to be far away?  He used to wouldn’t talk with me on the phone but I think now we got comfortable with each other’s voices.  His voice, though, again….Woooweee…He’s heard my crying, begging voice all the time, lol.  I knew what I said got to him.  I knew it.  I know my boy.  I don’t mind having fun for now, but he’s gotta make this fun something steady.  Can’t be popping in and out of my life for that.  I hate being flaky and someone being flaky.  Even a fun time needs to be steady.

Mystery of the report ghost solved.

I kept telling people I knew the report ghost was someone who didn’t post much and it was a guy.  I just couldn’t report him back since he doesn’t post much.  And since he didn’t post much, I reported the people I dislike that are bothering me.  The perpetrator finally confessed today!  I don’t know if he was the original report ghost, but I know he has been the one doing it now and maybe he has also been the one to report the other people I dislike while I’m not at the forum.

Perhaps his diabolical plan of getting my accounts banned is to get me to write my book instead of spending time on the forum getting back at people for reporting me.  Hmm…I’ll just view it as that way.

Regardless, that individual has no right to report me when I am informing people about my book progress who want to read it.  I still will not apologize to those accounts who I got banned since they supported the perpetrator in terminating my accounts.  I know there are some other individuals involved in this, but of course, they won’t confess worth anything.  About time someone confessed!


If people I don’t like who don’t like me keep coming to my site after I told them to bug off, I tell you what, when my book comes out I’ll have something for you to read, and it’s something you really won’t like reading so keep coming to my page being nosy, gossip queens!  Why would someone keep coming to a site that calls them out for what they are?  Do they like reading how disrespectful, stupid, dumb, rude, and annoying they are or something?  I don’t get it!

Cyber Crimes Information

Some people seem to think that what I write about aren’t cyber crimes, albeit, luckily only a few dumb individuals — most people who read my things seem to get it.  Here is the definition of a cyber crime from Wiki:

Computer crime, or Cybercrime, refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network.[1] The computer may have been used in the commission of a crime, or it may be the target.[2] Netcrime is criminal exploitation of the Internet.[3] Dr. Debarati Halder and Dr. K. Jaishankar (2011) define Cybercrimes as: “Offences that are committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm to the victim directly or indirectly, using modern telecommunication networks such as Internet (Chat rooms, emails, notice boards and groups) and mobile phones (SMS/MMS)”.[4]

***People have posted my information before to try to ruin my reputation.  That is a cyber crime so whoever left a fake review saying I didn’t mention any cyber crimes (and you know who you are), you’re wrong.  I have listed several incidents.  I’m a computer geek and for someone to tell me what is or isn’t a cyber crime when I specialize in computers is really funny to me.

When people spread lies and gossip about me, that is a cyber crime!  However, if I say things about people that are true, that isn’t a cyber crime.

Never Settle

I’m never going to settle for someone just because things don’t work out with another person I really want right now.  That’s going to be a downfall to a relationship.  Today, I told him no man deserves me because a man never gives back the kind of loyalty I put out whether or not we are “official.”  And I said, I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life because I think I’m too good to settle for just anyone and if I was to work things out with someone, it’d be Tennessee Boy.

I told him there’s a reason why I’m still hoping for us, why I haven’t let go.  If I really thought it wasn’t going to work out in the end, I would have dropped this a long time ago when he first started being flaky.  I want him to meet me in person then decide whether or not this long distance is worth pursuing because right now, he really can’t determine that.

And I know from the way we used to actually make time for each other, he’s going to enjoy my company in person.  I want him to see what he’s giving up.  I want him to see all that he’s giving up just because he thinks this is “too far.”  It’s 2014 where we have plenty of technology and ways to make a long distance work!  He just has to make sacrifices like I am for being alone for months until we can hang out in person.  I take up my time with writing, hanging out with my dog and hanging out with a friend or two.

I will not lead someone else on just to pass the time and leave that someone else for my main man I have always wanted.  I said I don’t need to deal with another woman being in the picture when he never wanted her in the first place.  It complicates things passing the time with other people.

Time has been flying by.


Why would people link my blog to other people when they’re basically outting themselves in how they act?  They keep misbehaving in the way I say they do in my entries and yet they want to link people my blog without my permission out of malice.  Dumb people just outted their own selves, especially when most people don’t find anything wrong with my blog?!  I actually talk some sense so why are some people linking me like they’re trying to make me look stupid or something when they’re just making themselves look stupid?  I don’t get it.  I’ve even had people tell me who read my blog from the drama queens that there’s nothing wrong with my blog so why do some idiots still link it for stupid reasons?

I appreciate those who have actually linked me for my stories, not for gossip!

Lack of Good Conscience

It seems like some people these days don’t have any morals.  I do not support any authors and reviewers who purposely take joy in tormenting people.  And if any authors/reviewers encourage others to torment/ban someone, I consider them just as good as the person who did it whether or not they actually did it.  It’s different if the person actually deserves to be banned for saying rude gossip.  It’s another when they banned me and I didn’t do anything to deserve to be banned.

Although I haven’t wasted my time to report the drama queens, they’re still drama llamas at Amazon.  I don’t really care if they think it’s me.  They need to have someone to blame even though I keep saying I have more productive things to do with my time and I don’t sit on my ass every day like the drama queens.  It’s like every day I check that place to see if they’re talking about drama, the drama is still talking about drama and talking about ban, getting banned.

So now they know how it feels like to be me posting there and still they misbehave and judge people!  I don’t feel sorry if they get banned again for misbehaving.  They are really that blind to themselves if some of them think they are “nice” people.  One thing I hate is when certain posters who are not involved talk with some of them as if they have never said anything mean to me.

Some people see those drama queens be rude and snarky with me, but they still talk nicely with them just because they never did anything to them.  I’m glad not all uninvolved posters speak with them and have good judgment in this situation.  If you associate with people who treat others like crap, I won’t tolerate that.  There’s a reason why I ended a 20-year “friendship” because she didn’t stick up for me for that reason.  She was always nice to people who were gossiping about me and I thought she was supposed to be my friend of 20 years!


I can’t convince someone who doesn’t want to do a long distance relationship to do one even though it would be well worth all the hassle to maintain one.  My undeserving ex-childhood friend is making a 6-12 hour away long distance work and mine is only one more hour away than that the other direction.  It’s the same sap story he can’t make a long distance work so instead he’s a dick to me not talking to me.  I think he knows it’s his huge loss and not mine that is why he is being so mean to me.

It’s not like the girls he talks to are near him, either.  They’re also far.  So I don’t get why he doesn’t just stick with talking to me since we actually had something meaningful and special, at least I thought it was when there wasn’t any of this chaos.  He’s just using them to pass the time because he doesn’t know what to do with himself.  I told him I’d rather talk to the same guy every night than ten different guys no matter how near or far he is if it is someone I like I’d rather talk to him than talk to someone out of convenience.  I thought that’s what he wanted at first that’s why he did maintain it for the first two months.  I’ll give him that much.

Then I guess he saw there was no time we could meet any time soon so he just cut me off.  Is this what love is?  You give up when things get hard?  You give up when you can’t see each other?  I’m not going to take him back when he gets a divorce from someone else in the future.  When I get married, I hope it’s to someone who hasn’t been married before so we can both experience that special first and hopefully lasting time.

Thanks for taking away my dreams of having a family, my love.  I understand I’m too far for you and that it isn’t worth it for you but it was to me.  I asked him what would get him to stop being a dick and actually try?  He wouldn’t respond anymore.  Is there a way to convince someone to do a long distance that won’t do one?

If only he’d meet me one time I know he would try then but he refuses to schedule a time to meet!


Up to this last second, the report perpetrator is still reporting people at the Amazon KDP forums.  I’m glad very reasonable people can see it’s not me doing it.  I’ve only reported those that report me, but not anybody else.  Now people who aren’t normally involved in all that are speaking out about the perpetrator(s).  The end is near for that individual behind this whole thing.  This report perp has major comprehension issues.  I said I was going to out them in my bully book without actually mentioning them, but I’m still going to out them regardless in my writing ways.

I hope if Amazon gets a hold of my book it will finally do something about its chaotic forum and return it to normal or make it normal.