Author: Francesca

Jessica has a lot of great experiences and successes in her life. Her enemies are jealous of her successes that's why they try to bring her down. They will never be as successful as her. Oh well, you just have to thank these difficult people because these are people I never want to become. :)

Wrote an e-mail to the reddit admins.

Omg, that loser posted the link to my blog on a porn subreddit.  I saw a referral from there.  Alright, instead of ignoring it now, I should have e-mailed the reddit admins a long time ago to delete that user’s accounts.  Ya, the one who needs to get a life is this pathetic freak that keeps spamming my blog on every subreddit it can get its hands on.  I finally decided to e-mail the admins, hopefully they can delete all that nasty person’s accounts.

Dear Admins, for the longest time a user named,

keeps spamming the link to my blog saying derogatory statements about me on various subreddits. I don’t use reddit much, and only started posting on reddit to let people know here that I am not affiliated with that poster who keeps spamming the link to my blog. I chose to ignore it but I keep getting hits from it posting the link to my blog on subreddits that have nothing to do with my blog.

I have also chosen not to sue this individual because it would have nothing to offer me. My support and I feel it’s not worth it to pursue. This individual has slandered me for 3+ years on reddit and various other social medias.

However, if there is a way where I can have its slanderous messages on reddit removed that would be very helpful to me and much appreciated.

I did not ask that individual to post the link to my blog with derogatory statements about me. I have ignored it for 6+ months but it still keeps harassing me that I have had to get new names to get away from its harassment. I tried to give it a dose of its own medicine responding to it as much as it slanders me but it has obviously done nothing to that individual.

If an admin could track down the various user names it uses to spam my blog on reddit and help me remove those hate-filled lying messages about me, I would be much appreciated.

Sometimes it tries to turn its harassment out on me when I decide to respond to it, but lately, I’ve been telling myself to ignore it now and I still keep getting referral hits from porn blog sites on reddit and other places where it has nothing to do with my blog topics.

Thank you,

Anon is jealous that people genuinely like me while people just pity Anon.

I think it’s bizarre that Anon thinks it’s trying to “help” me in some way.  I’m not sure how spamming 20+ thousand slanderous messages about me is helping, Lol, especially when no one important reads it and believes it.  I’m not the one bragging about myself Anon people see I’m a very talented girl.  At least if I “brag” I have the proof to back it up.

My other fan club constantly puts themselves on a pedestal and they aren’t even that accomplished.  I mean for writers who aren’t ranked, I love how they aren’t humble at all and they think they got the nerve to bad mouth other writers on top of that!

For some reason that nutty woman who thinks she’s a “sweet aunt” is still sitting here writing blog entries as if she was a “sweet” person.  Quite frankly, if I were her, I would have deleted myself a long time ago and not showed face in the writing world….but because I know she doesn’t have respect for herself or her bloggers for that matter, that’s why she continues like she’s a “goode” person when she’s really not.

I highly suggest that no one talks to A.J. Goode because she could turn on you any time the way she turned on a friend of mine who was actually nice to her.  A.J. Goode is a very disturbed woman who makes fake five star glowing reviews on her own books and one stars everyone she dislikes.  Then she’s got the nerve to tell other people how their fake five star reviews look fake.  Apparently she hasn’t looked at her own glowing reviews for the most fake review of them all.

So Predictable.

I couldn’t help but check to see if Anon was still at reddit talking shit, of course it was!  It’s so predictable.

So because I wasn’t there to respond to it, it sat there for 20 hours having a conversation with itself on “JessicaFrancesisUgly” and “winterstorm_” what a loooooosserr!!!!!  I haven’t replied to it since a day ago and the whooooooollllee time it was talking to itself on two accounts!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Lunatic isn’t even the word to describe that POS.  It’s beyond wacky wasting a whole day away talking to itself on two accounts, LMFAO LMFAO.

Wanna see how batshit anon can get just check out reddit.  Sat there for one full day having a conversation with itself on two names since I wasn’t there to respond to it.

I’m glad I spent the day hanging out with my real life friends.  I knew I wasn’t missing anything by not responding to the pathetic menace to society.

Author’s Note.

When someone asked me what’s my worst fear in life I answered:

I work very hard in the fields I love, including writing.  And I fear that someone who might feel I’m competition will attempt to jeopardize everything I have accomplished because they are that jealous of me being better than them.  One starring my books isn’t going to get you anywhere.  I’m not sure why you one starred my books anyway.  That doesn’t make you a better writer, LOL.

Someone asked, what would you do if that happened:

At first I started to say I would pick myself back up in a different field but the person suggested I should brush myself off and continue in the same field.  Jealous people are everywhere who will do everything they can to try and ruin someone.

My book is about that very topic.  I was a new, young writer in town and was threatened by some no name senior writers who have been in the game for a long time and never got anywhere.  They tried to frame me for so-called “bullying” them even though they were antagonizing me.  I picked up writing for something to do and for these no name senior writers to come in attempting to slander my name is just simply disgusting.

She can continue fooling people at her blog that she’s this “sweet Auntie” she’s not.  That’s all she’s got left. :)

Oh well, the joke is on them.  Little do they know they’re never going to make it big in the writing world.  That’s for trying to sabotage other writers.

I can’t wait until midnight.

Once it hits midnight, I won’t know what that menace is up to because I won’t be checking up on it to see what it’s saying about me because my time will be seriously preoccupied by more important people than an anonymous loser on the Internet. :)

I told anonymous one day it won’t hear from me on any site.  It thinks I’m joking when I say that.  It can follow me to every forum I post on and I still won’t respond to it. It’s officially done at midnight!!!

And then my revenge begins of living a better life than them. :)

Countdown to no response.

Every time Anon posts something to me on there I am making a count down I told it once I get to 0 it will not have a response from me anymore so it better do something else with its time after that zero.  I’m really hoping that this book that I write about anon will become big and someone picks it up.  I show people the link to Anon’s harassment and then hopefully someone can track it down.  We just want to see if it’s a fugly smelly disgusting ogre.  I assume Anon is just that, which is why it hides.

Really hoping this book about the idiot is what will help me track down that person.  I’m not going to sue it because it has nothing to offer me, I just want to know what the psycho looks like, that’s all.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a handsome fella or pretty lady. LOL

The people who say bad things about me have issues themselves.

I’ve always noticed that anyone who has ever said anything bad about me has a worse life than me – that’s why I try not to pay attention to them, but it’s kind of hard to ignore people who keep talking about other people when they should be minding their own businesses.

The people who say bad things about me aren’t people I care for their approvals anyway.  I don’t know why they keep talking about anyone else.  A lot of good things are happening in my real life lately, but I’m not going to be blogging about it here unfortunately, because the nosy lurker is not going to be all up in my current business like it was in the past. :)

I miss being able to blog about my life without nosy annoying haters thinking they can talk about me.  I have nothing to hide unfortunately the stalkers take advantage of people who put their information out on the webs for other purposes.

Oh well, karma is already here for my other fan club they are just too dumb to realize it, Lol.

What kind of life is obsessing over someone’s blog and doing nothing with its time? I think that’s punishment enough, really.

It’s like time stands still for my other fan club because they do the same exact things every minute of the day: stalking me.

While I’m outside hanging out with my friends, my other fan club is inside trying to get pity from their unsuspecting readers.

While I’m outside enjoying life, my cray cray other fan club is still inside.

Sometimes I wonder if my other fan club takes a tablet to the bathroom to shower or whenever they are out…they are always on my blog every minute of the day when they should be doing other things with their time!

Can’t Turn back time!

One of these days this moron that is obsessed with me and my blog is gonna look back and say to itself, Man it could have done something else productive with its time.  The joke is on the stalker because you can’t turn back time.

And with that folks, I plan to enjoy life.  I couldn’t care less if an idiot is still making my stats go boom and talking shit about me on reddit, Lol.  It’s still going to be here tomorrow and the next day.  I won’t have missed anything if I take a few days off from responding to it. :)

Soon a few days will turn into years of me not replying to the moron while it continuously obsesses over me, Lol.

It’s one thing if someone deserves all this hate but I think it’s rather crazy that this poster is slandering me out of nowhere and when I reply to it, it tries to turn its drama around on me.

I like to enjoy life.  Like I told the idiot eons ago, I graduated high school and college years ago, obviously this person stalking me is still in high school. :)

All it takes is 10,000 hours to be a true professional in a productive skill and the idiot has literally spent 10,000 + hours stalking me no joke!

I’m gonna have a three day vacation this weekend.

This weekend I’m gonna have a three day vacation off the computer — well at least I won’t have time to be on WP or reddit responding to the lunatic because my real life needs me.  I bet anon will go ballistic for my attention.  Stalk me on all of my sites, I won’t be on any of them because I’ll be outside enjoying life. :)

Too bad anon doesn’t have a life.  No wonder it is so psycho it stays inside alllllll day long.  Anon really needs to get off its fat bum and exercise, maybe Anon wouldn’t be hating the world so much if it started exercising more.


The whole time I was having a nice meal and tending to my real life the lunatic was still inside making my stats go boom:


I think my stalker is extreme psycho because it doesn’t get out much.  Staying on the computer 24/7, especially doing nothing productive can tend to drive a person nuts.  No wonder “winterstorm_” is so nuts!

I just laugh every time I check my stats it’s in the almost 2,000 views with only 30 some visitors.

That freak is definitely at my blog way more than I am.

What if I just said to myself one day, don’t even entertain this Anon chump anymore, don’t respond to it on any site not on here not on reddit.  I wonder what the loser would do with itself if I just cold-turkey don’t respond to it anymore, LOLOL.

It’d try to stalk me on my other social medias like it did before to get my attention.  What if I made all those pages private and unreachable then what would the lunatic do? LOLOL.