Author: Francesca

Jessica has a lot of great experiences and successes in her life. Her enemies are jealous of her successes that's why they try to bring her down. They will never be as successful as her. Oh well, you just have to thank these difficult people because these are people I never want to become. :)

Luckily I have Thicker Skin than some people think.

I don’t know how many people would be able to put up with being harassed by multiple anonymous people for three years straight and counting who are in your business but you have no idea who they are because they never reveal themselves.

What if someone actually committed suicide because of these disgusting anonymous bullies?  They still wouldn’t care what they did.  Not sure what they are trying to accomplish harassing people anonymously: I’m not going anywhere and I’m still doing my thing so you can kiss my ass because you ugly haters aren’t shit to me.

The only reason people would ever hate me out of thin air is because they are jealous of me.  I was talking about this with a friend today saying there are lots of people who I’ve never done anything to who find reasons to bash me anyway.  I think it’s because they’re really jealous of me and what I’ve got.

She agrees.

Why else would a bunch of bored anonymous people harass someone for three years straight?

If they really have nothing better to do and do this just for kicks then they’re very sad, sad individuals.

So many hypocrites on this earth who don’t practice what they preach

With the latest scandal from Josh Duggar, I’m getting really fed up with these hypocrites who preach about being good people and family values but they aren’t actually good people at all.

Sort of like when so-called “Christians” and “Catholics” claim to be “Christians” and “Catholics” but they’re anything but that.

What’s with these people who don’t practice what they preach?

I’m getting tired of these fakes trying to put on a facade an image they want people to see but they aren’t acting upon that image.

Were these creepy anonymous people ever taught to have good morals and a good conscience?

Even when I hung out with bad people, I still knew right from wrong and they never influenced me to do anything bad.

The problem with a lot of today’s people is that these people have 0% morals.  They are willing to drag someone’s Innocent name through the mud, attack someone’s innocent dead animal just to get under someone’s skin.

They preach a good preach and they know what being a true genuine good person is all about, but they don’t follow through with what they preach.  I don’t get it.

Why preach all that and then not act on any of it?

My support says to just disable and delete these horrible people’s comments and to never read it.  I have done that, but that still doesn’t change the fact that I get these notifications from these stalkers.

It really irks me how I can’t put my pictures on public anymore knowing I have these pathetic stalkers saving all my photos when, whenever I take pictures it is for my FRIENDS to enjoy where I have traveled, but nope, these anonymous stalkers take the fun out of posting joyful things.

My anonymous stalkers are miserable individuals who have to make everyone else around them miserable because they’re miserable themselves.

The creepy anonymous is back: I don’t approve comments, unless you post under your real name instead of using my name

The day these creepy anonymous people reveal themselves is the day hell freezes over!

Lol.  I’ve really never seen this type of trolling before, losers who actually post under the names of the person they’re harassing and never revealing themselves in all the years they stalk someone.

It’s really creepy how these anonymous people try to leave spam comments under my name.

I don’t read comments by posers.

It’s at a different IP address, it’s not the same loser that was obsessed with me for 3 straight years.

Ah, when will these people ever learn that no one cares what these losers have to say except for other losers like themselves?

I knew a hater was lurking my site still when I saw someone type in the key word searches “thelostxin” twice.

Here to come back to read how pathetic you are?

Why is it always the people I don’t care to talk to who think they know me the most?

I’ve noticed a lot of the people who say bad things about me are people I have no idea who they are, people I have never talked to in my life.  Yet they think they know me way more than people who actually do talk to me and actually do hang out with me.

Villa is someone who I never want to become when I’m older. She’s a lonely old soul who spends her time on the Amazon forum pretending she’s a “nice” person when in reality she is one of the most disgusting two-faced people you will ever meet and neither of her faces are pretty, lol.

2 to 3 years of my life I won’t get back, all I can do is move forward.

And just like that, all those nasty trolls have crawled back underneath the rocks where they came from.  I was wondering when they would officially disappear.  Sometimes I’m kicking myself in the ass wondering why I wasted so much time answering those fools.  They’ll never change and they don’t care what they did.  They just got bored and moved onto someone else to do all those nasty things to.

At least the forum has been back to normal once Amazon was notified just how serious this gossiping situation was.

All it takes is 10,000 hours to be a professional at something and it just amazes me that some people would rather sit on their ugly asses and gossip for 10,000 hours instead of doing something useful with themselves.

Now that all the drama queens have been kicked off of the Amazon forum, I noticed just as I had predicted people are able to talk about writing again.

Then again, there’s nothing new to say on that forum.  It’s just the same old regurgitated questions, etc.  I don’t know how people sit on there wasting time when they could be writing books.

Only forgiving undeserving people for my sake.

It has been weighing me down that every time someone thinks they can try to make me out to be the bad guy when they know they’re the ones who did wrong, and they show absolutely no remorse for the disgusting things they said and made up about me, move on with their lives, it does get to me a little bit how shitty people can pretend to write a blog like they have a “bubbly” personality even though deep down they’re some of the biggest piece of shits I’ve ever had the unpleasure to encounter.

Sometimes I just have to forgive these people because they truly were born idiots without souls although they preach a good preach but don’t even follow what they preach.

I remember one time I had written an opening on my static page, and this one woman who I never asked for her advice thought she could rip my opening into shreds.  I think she was looking for attention.

What’s worse is some of her nosy followers go to my blog and still have the nerve to feed her ego into claiming I’m the one who is the “bad guy.”  I just shake my head.  One of her readers said, “You should show this to her [me].”  Oh, I read that ridiculous entry “cry baby of the year.”  Funny how she calls me a crybaby.  I’m allowed to vent my stress and I don’t give a fuck what you think that’s what I signed up a blog for to do.

Oh well, even bad people need friends.  All those bad and fake people who pretend to be “good” can flock together because I never want to be a part of their group!  She thought she could give me a newsflash to my opening page and block quote every line I wrote.  You’re the one who needs a news flash that I have a blog to vent whatever the hell I want and I don’t need your God damn approval on my books or anything I do.  I never sought your approval anyway and yet you think somehow your opinion of someone makes or breaks people.

P.S.  Before you complain about anything on my blog, no one actually asked you to go to it to have a problem with it – nosy ass.  And now she’s sitting there acting like she’s never done anything — truly amazing and delusional people those group of disgusting senior writers.

Thankfully they are only a handful of individuals and most writers and readers I have come across have actually been genuine.

Oh well, she claims to be “successful” but “successful” people don’t try to sabotage other writers making dummy accounts making fake one star reviews on other people’s books under one star review names like “Curly Sue.”  What a pathetic woman attacking young aspiring writers.  Her life is pathetic enough going after her ex-husband’s best friend since that’s the only person who would talk to her.  I don’t blame the husband for divorcing her.  If she is as terrible as she is online in real life, no wonder he divorced that gossip.

Can I post my stories now without haters being in my business?

I’ll revamp all my blog posts about what these haters did into an actual story if I have to because I’m sick and tired of talking about these pathetic fools who have no shame like it’s gossip. I’d rather write a whole beginning, middle, and end to this whole thing instead of just ranting about it.

Anonymous is anonymous because it is too fat and ugly to be shown.

You think a pretty person would be hiding like the anons do? Nope, they’d be bragging about how good they looked. and showing people, too.  Then again these days, you have these ugly fat bitches who think their shits don’t stink.  I roll my eyes at how unhumble-like a lot of less than par people look.  I mean, I know I look good but even I don’t brag about looking good like some of these ugly people brag as if they think they are.

On one of the threads at the forum, people were asking what do they think of people taking glamour shots as author pics and these ugly ladies were bragging about those kinds of pictures being “trying too hard.”  Mind you, these people aren’t attractive and they know it.  I’d rather see an author pic who is professional, and not one just taken as a selfie at any angle.  A professional glamour photo shows an author is serious about being an author whereas a sloppy pic means someone is just doing this for fun.

[I made this post to see if the fat and ugly anons are still lurking…hmm…maybe they have finally taken the hint!  Only one can hope.]

Yeah, ugly fat bitch, I get why you spammed my pictures around the Web because I am something good to look at while you and your fat ugly posse aren’t anything special that’s why you’re hideous on the inside and out.

I’ve never seen a hater do better than me.

P.S. “amanda” claims she isn’t an alt, but Amazon says that she is one, so I don’t know who she is trying to fool, it is none other than A.L. the bitch herself on her erotica alt pen name.  She’s so delusional that I tend to ignore her.

My Support System is Awesome.

I’m tempted to write a one star review under anonymous names under my enemy’s books the way they did my short stories, but it’s like why even?  They aren’t ranked as it is and no one is ever going to hear of them.  It does irritate me what they did to my original pen name.  I named my original pen name after my dog who not too long ago passed away and I can’t even use that name or this name to publish my works because I know the pathetic haters are lurking.  I’m thinking about publishing a free story under my original pen name just so everyone knows about these dumb haters.  They want the press by badmouthing me and name dropping me?  Be careful what you ask for.

Every time they write some bullshit and say my pen name, it makes my blood boil because they’re bashing my innocent dog as well.

Oh well, these people will get their karma and their karma is never becoming famous and never being role models to anyone. :)

They’re too blind to see that karma has already hit them, or maybe they know.  Maybe they know they’re never going to be anything with their writing that’s why they try so hard to make me look bad, LOL!