Author: Francesca

Jessica has a lot of great experiences and successes in her life. Her enemies are jealous of her successes that's why they try to bring her down. They will never be as successful as her. Oh well, you just have to thank these difficult people because these are people I never want to become. :)

I’m doing well.

The more the Anonymous fruitcake comes to my site, I just use that as motivation to never fail.  I know that fruitcake comes here to see if I fail because that’s what it lives for.  Unfortunately for it, all that person teaches me is that I’m never going to become like it wasting time stalking people who couldn’t care less about its juvenile tripe. :)

I think it’s pretty sad that these disgusting people with no morals who claim to be “good” people keep stalking my site even when I haven’t updated it in like two weeks.  I know…my life is interesting that’s why they keep coming back to my blog and sticking their noses into my business even when I haven’t said anything new. :)

F’d up.

So many good people are dying these days while useless people like my Anonymous Google Search stalker and the gossips get to live when they don’t contribute anything to the world.  If death has to take somebody, why can’t it take my immature stalker who does nothing with itself but view my blog every day even though I haven’t even updated it in like two weeks it still went to my site every day?!  I’m glad I haven’t really paid any attention to it besides this post.  I have nothing new to say about that disgusting hypocritical filth.

Some people online are so amusing.

It’s like really we people who have real lives outside of the Internet have a lot more going on than to get worked up about some low life Internet losers who don’t have shit to do with themselves but gossip about other people online.  It really makes me laugh that the unwanted people who obsess over my blog [when they are not my real readers] think their opinions of me actually matters.  Did I ever ask to seek their approvals? Do I even want to be their friends?  Who the hell do those people think they are honestly?  Some of them are erotica writers who think they’re big shots selling a lot of books and most of their books have grammatical errors in them.  I wouldn’t brag about selling books with grammatical errors…that says something about her readers, LOL.  That they are just as dumb as the writer who would publish something with so many errors and still sell.  And she thinks she’s a role model to anything.

I pity people who think they need to be big bad bitches to get their points across.  Some people need to humble themselves a lot, especially when they aren’t anything to begin with and haven’t done much.  The only reason they have all the time in the world to write is because they have other things like welfare or are on disability to allow them to pursue their writing careers.

A lot of us real writers also work a 40-hour work week job and write at the same time.  And those who are real writers don’t partake in this nonsense [at least we try not to but I get sucked into it because some of these losers are obsessed with my blog.  Such a shame that I have to start a new blog to write my stories and I can’t post my stories on this name because there are jealous haters who have been writing for 30-years and they still ain’t shit!  I just started seriously writing these past two-years and I’m already a bigger hit than those that have been in the biz for 30-years and they still ain’t shit!  That’s why they have to drag my good name through the mud because THEY AIN’T SHIT.

In between all that, I’m not sure why these online trolls think I have the time to partake in their immature childish drama in the first place?  I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass about online shit talkers…Congrats bitch, you’re the #1 bad ass online bitch, but what are you in real life? LOL.

Some of my haters are this:  They are capable of working a 40-hour work week job but they have even admitted they are too lazy to work one and they turned to writing as a last resort. Leave a comment on my entries again lying about yourself and me. Dumb bitch!  Why would you want me to publish your comment on your real name? To show people what a pathetic miserable bitch you are at your own blog?

Blog Update

I don’t mind people who come to my blog who actually like what I have to say on here…if you’re here because you actually like my blog posts, I appreciate that.  This is mainly toward the nosy lurkers who I don’t associate with:

I still see a certain nosy lurker’s footprints, tsk tsk.  What have you come to my blog to read Anon?  I’m enjoying life while you’re still stalking me, LOL. :)

I haven’t updated in a while to see how long it takes for Anon to stop going to my blog, but I see it is stuck to my blog like glue, why I have no idea.  In my other posts, I have said I don’t go to other people’s blogs that write libelous things about me — I couldn’t care less less to befriend those types of people and I’m not looking for their approvals.

Such a strange Anonymous person to be coming to my blog all the time to read about what a waste of space it is — the difference is I write true things about it.

What makes them so special?

I’m curious to know about my other fan club and what makes them think what they think about someone even matters when I have told them I don’t care if they talk shit about me to anyone who is willing to listen?  I really don’t know who those people think they are!!! They’re sitting here judging other people when they should be minding their damn business because it’s not like their hands are clean, either.  I’m not here to please people that I couldn’t care less to befriend who aren’t good role models in anything they do.

One of them has an attitude of “telling it like it is” to others.  She acts like a cold-hearted bitch and says and does what she wants thinking no one is bold enough to call HER out for what SHE does.  She ain’t shit.  What pray tell has happened in her life that gives her this “Queen” attitude?

For those ugly people who come to my blog every day, I’m really baffled that they haven’t comprehended anything I said…I mean, what are they coming here for, because they’re nosy people, I guess.  I don’t go to their blogs unless it’s to link people to show them hands-on how nasty those ugly people are, but other than that, I don’t bother reading their entries.  For a while, I used to go to one of the people’s blogs to warn them about one of the women making up lies about me, but then I decided, hey these are strangers who don’t know me and if they’re willing to listen to gossip why do I even want to associate with them?  I don’t need to befriend people like that.

People expecting others to change when they don’t change themselves.

I think it’s funny how my other fan club harps about other people needing to change as if they don’t need any changing themselves.  How do they expect others to change when they’re stuck in their ignorant ways?  Change has to come first within a person’s own self to realize that there are things that a person cannot change.  I may make one or two posts here and there these days, but these days I’m really not caring to preach to those people with no good consciences anymore.  If they wanna wear rose-colored glasses all their lives, they can.

I mean even up until this last minute yesterday it’s like after all the blog posts I’ve made they were still trying to pretend to be the victims in something they started when if they took off their rose-colored glasses, they’d see people couldn’t care less about them!  I agree with them, I’ve already said they are victims.  They are victims of their own ways not owning up to what they do to people and not having a good conscience.  I would hate to be them.

When I’m not on here, I’ve been spending my time with my hobby and my real life friends…so, I really don’t care.

Some people are strange.

I have to ask, why do these people who wear rose-colored glasses when looking at themselves like coming to my blog so much?  They’re not going to be able to defend themselves at my blog, especially when what they say are lies so what’s the point to try to leave anything?

Do they like reading about how they’re shitty people with no good consciences who lie or something?  Surely those bad people who like to blame everyone else for their problems can find something better to read instead of reading about me telling it like it is?  I don’t go to sites who badmouth me because I couldn’t care less about those losers who say shit that isn’t true.  I’ve already conducted an analysis about those people.  I think it’s funny that I saw footprints from a link about someone who blogged about me and I don’t even go to her blog but I know she goes to my blog every day and even blogs about me and I haven’t once read her entries because I couldn’t care less what she says.

I don’t take what she says personally because she knows she’s a self-made drama queen.

I’ve only been to her blog maybe five times, while she can’t seem to go a day without coming to my blog.

There’s really no excuse.

There’s really no excuse to bash someone’s innocent dead animal that did nothing to nobody or to make racist remarks about where I come from to no one in retaliation on me for something the drama queens started.   However, the reason it’s okay for me to point out that the witch is fat and disgusting is because she probably wastes her time on the computer gossiping and talking crap [and being fat is something she can change if she really wants to but I can’t change my origins and I wouldn’t want to anyway], she gets fat snacking because she doesn’t do productive things with herself.  It is what it is.  I don’t support people who don’t practice what they preach.  She deserves every bad thing that happens to her and more for lying about their “values” and who she truly is.  And like I said, no attractive person sits here wasting time bashing others to get one ups.  The ones who sit here saying crude things about other people are most of the time ugly on the inside and out.

In fact, I don’t even need to compare myself to the losers who keep trying to get my attention.  I have enough accomplishments and everything going for me that I couldn’t care less what another hater does with their lives to be bashing them for it, but if they wanna think they can talk about my life, I’ll gladly remind them how much their own lives suck and that’s why they constantly talk about other people because they don’t want to face their own lives.

Gossip in the wind.

There are people who gossip about me in person and in real life.  In fact, I worked in a gossip factory who always talked about everybody they could get their hands on.  I couldn’t care less what people I don’t hang out with, people I don’t associate with and their followers who don’t know any better than to believe what they write on their blog although it’s most likely not true, I couldn’t care less what they think: in person or online.  I’m busy hanging out and talking with people who actually know me,

The truth has been at my blog the whole time — it’s just a matter of my other fan club admitting that they always lied or not.  I have no reason to lie, like I said a while back — I graduated high school and college a long time ago and I’m sick of these people who are so fucking bored with themselves on the Internet that they have nothing better to do than to start gossip about some writer they’re jealous of because they see someone new more successful than them and they’ve been in the business for 30+ years.

There are many more productive things to do than to sit for ten hours straight gossiping about people.  I thought people said they were writers?  Rather than waste their breath in gossiping about me or anyone else for that matter, why don’t they go write that five-star book those bored haters say they’re that awesome in writing?  It’s like geeze Louise!  These haters really have nothing I want: they’re mostly hideous looking and in unhappy marriages.  I don’t know why they think I would go through all the trouble to sabotage them.  Their sales are already dismal without fake one star reviews that I don’t even bother to make “fake” one star reviews in retaliation.  Did once, then I asked myself why the fuck am I acting just like the people I despise?  So I stopped that nonsense, right then and there.

I knew some nosy lurkers were still lurking, lol, other than Anon, that is.

I love how some people think that I will approve their bull shit comments.  My version is the correct version as to what actually happened.  I have been ignoring these lunatics for a long time and every time I even remotely respond to them once, they try to pin their juvenile drama on me.  These are married people who must be bored with their lame lives gossiping about me and others I guess…the ones from the KDP forum anyway.  I only know a few productive married people I assume my other fan club’s marriages aren’t happy — that’s why my haters are wasting their time gossiping about me and other people.  I noticed that people who are in happy marriages don’t gossip because they’re out living their lives. :)