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Glad there’s no Dislike Button on Facebook

After experiencing Amazon’s down vote and up vote system, I’ve concluded I’m glad Facebook doesn’t have something like that.  I think the haters are following my posting histories everywhere I go.  Nothing I say deserves a down vote, at least that’s how I feel.  If I thought myself something was a down vote, I wouldn’t post it in the first place.  People only down vote because they disagree with what I say and can’t agree to disagree, not that it’s a stupid comment.  I swear these haters keep stalking my review posting histories as well as Amazon voting histories.  Why do people obsessively hate like that?  It’s so unhealthy.  They think they’re making me look foolish but it’s really the other way around.  I hope they do know it’s against the law to stalk someone, but because I don’t have the energy to deal with it, they continue to stalk me.  If I was a celebrity with tons of money I would TOTALLY investigate them and sue them for harassment and stalking charges.  I’d take screen shots of my posts disappearing a second later every time I post something: clear evidence that someone is stalking me it’s not something wrong with the admin bots.

People act like it isn’t a crime to follow someone around the forums and reporting my posts every time I post something.

And THIS is why I don’t post on my real name.  I know since those loony bins are so crazy to follow me everywhere they can find my name on the Internet, I post on a pen name.  These are the types of crazies who will get their panties in a twist over personal petty things.  I’m sure if they look hard enough they will find my information.  With the way they obsessively report my posting histories, I wouldn’t doubt it that they have been trying to research me.  I’m glad Word Press has a better administration so these bullies can’t falsely report someone here.  I’d just sign up for another blog anyway so there’s no point.

Combating a Phantom

I’m wasting my valuable time combating an invisible phantom who reports people at the Amazon forums.  Halloween is coming up, did it come early for some people?  I imagine so.  I should be writing books right now.  I wish I wasn’t so set on giving people a dose of their own medicine.  Some people don’t care how they treat others do they?  They don’t.  I know some people are laughing at my posts at Amazon because it’s frustrating posting there when some idiot or idiots are reporting me every five seconds and people can’t see my responses.  You know what’s sad?  Is if someone were to report these people laughing at me the way someone is reporting me, they wouldn’t like to be stalked like that.  How do you fight an invisible phantom?

They follow me everywhere.  Liza was trying to insult me at my own author page and she got two helpful votes.  I don’t know how she did when I don’t get very many hits to my author page yet within seconds she posts, two people already up voted her comments and down voted mine.  Why are these individuals so obsessed with hating me?  Do they really think I care that they hate me?  I have better things to do like write my stories.  Damn, like why do people think I care they hate me, because I respond to them and can’t ignore them?  I keep telling them their opinions of me do not matter but they still feel the need to put in their two cents anyway.

Responding to Reviews

They always say it’s a bad thing to respond to reviews, but I’m really liking to see authors and writers go out of their way to have conversations with their readers.  I don’t like being ignored you know, especially when I have something to say — of course that’s meaningful.  Maybe if readers come across someone’s book they can subscribe to the blog to have conversations at the blog instead of review comments.  Would it look tacky to have a nice conversation with someone who read a whole book in the review comments?

It’s better than venom I think!  I feel like if people did respond to reviews in an articulate manner it would be okay to respond just to be like thank you for enjoying my book what would they like to see in the next book?  They say to not even respond thanking them for reading the book.  What if you want to know what they like to see in the next book?

My First Review on my Test Book

A while back, I had published a test book to have something on the shelf because Amazon wouldn’t let me create an author central profile unless I had a book I already wrote.  Today some troll left a one star review calling it a joke.  Are people really that stupid?  Can they not clearly see that was a test book?  They’ll take anything and try to trash someone.  It’s pathetic.

Anyway, here’s the book that they trashed.  It clearly says my thing is 4 pages and I priced it at 0.99 cents for a reason!  I’m not one of those people that will price a 50 page book at $9.99.  I’m pretty sure I’m not a joke when more people like what I have to say than don’t.  I already know I’m not going to please everybody so I don’t even bother with the people who don’t like my works.


The Phantom Serial Reporter Prologue


Do you ever wonder who keeps making your legit posts disappear on the forums you post at?  Sometimes people like to think since the administrators are bots maybe they are acting up.  In this case, it is not so.  It is a real person or persons abusing the report abuse button.  They know who they are, but you don’t.  Doesn’t it suck trying to get a voice out when someone keeps trying to silence you?  Perhaps the phantom serial reporter should have thought twice before they provoked someone this far.  After all the times I’ve mentioned people unethically reporting posts, they continue to do so at the KDP Amazon community with no shame at all.  They just don’t know when to quit.  I like talking to some posters there, but the trouble makers of that forum of course ruin a good time.  Do they think they’ve won if I stopped posting over there?  I still have my own soap box I can write what fully happened. Not sure who they think they are thinking they can report people.

I was sort of shocked to read a particular article where a lady went so far as to visit someone who made an abusive review about her book.  Some people claim the lady just cannot take criticism.  If someone was anonymously harassing me, I would go so far to find out who it is as well.  Sometimes, I like to use my imagination to guess who this phantom serial reporter is.  How do I track down somebody who doesn’t admit to do the reporting?  I don’t feel this is something worth my time and efforts to find out who has been trying to get me falsely banned and silenced.  I can write a whole book about this person or persons.

One day it’s an ogre.  Another day it’s a hideous beast.


Why I use a Pen Name

I was appalled once again at the Amazon forums where someone named Donald claims I don’t use my real name because I don’t take pride in it.  If that troll actually knew me, he’d know I’m all about my name.  My logo is my Chinese name, bitch.  My name is a name everyone in my town knows.  I’m known because of my musical talents and I would have loved to publish books under my real English name had it not been for bored Internet stalkers with nothing better to do than to research my family and call them at their work trying to get me into trouble over stupid crap.  I DID post under my real English name before, but because people abused my networking purposes trying to research my sibling and family, I wasn’t going to have them harass my family for something that doesn’t concern my family.  I even post on the Amazon forums with my first and middle name trying to get some sort of credit for myself.

Some people really should check their facts before they spout out things because they think they have something to say.

In order to get some type of credit for myself, I post under my real Chinese name.

I do know some people like to use pen names to hide behind their computer so they don’t get caught for insulting people.  I use a pen name so people don’t research me over something, especially when they’d get into trouble as well I don’t know who they are thinking they can call my family letting them know what I do on the Internet when they also harass people.

The Serial Reporter Part II

Some people are such hypocrites.  The serial reporter rags on this other girl reference dropping her fake review situation all over the forums so I comment back at the serial reporter, “Um, you pretty much did the same thing referencing me all over the forums saying things like there are little girls here who like to receive pity about their personal problems” mentioning me in threads I never commented on, hypocrite much?  Within a few seconds my post got deleted fast after I checked to see if she responded or not!  That’s when I about had it.  Sometimes, you just gotta stoop to people’s levels, especially when you want somewhere to post about writing to get feed back but people like that always have to start drama for their own entertainment.  Some people deserve a dose of their own medicine.  I figured out their little not-so-secret in getting tame comments removed within seconds.  They use several accounts to report the same person.  I knew they couldn’t possibly remove a tame comment with only one account.

I finally reported her post on three different accounts of mine and her post got removed, too.  Yes!  Normally I don’t report anyone, but since some people want to keep going after everything that’s been said and done, what’s done is done.

I don’t like to call it revenge – returning the favor sounds nicer.

What sucks is I don’t know her real pen name to see what kind of books she writes.  She knows mine because I have nothing to hide and could get a load of unethical people to review my books because she has something against me.  She claims she has a disability and that’s another reason why I think it isn’t worth it because that’s just unethical to me fighting a disability person over the Internet, but she is the one who started it in the first place so I kind of had to give her a dose of her own medicine.  She’s a grown woman and should know better for Pete’s sake, fighting against people twenty years younger than her?!

She shouldn’t have gotten out of line with my so-called pity posts and if she had nothing nice to say about it, she should have ignored the whole conversation then we would have still been talking nicely to each other.  It’s amazing how fast someone can turn on you and for something so stupid.

A Writer’s Worst Nightmare

Who does this Sam Taylor Mullens writer thinks she is?  She clearly copied someone else’s original work and claimed it as her own.  Then she claims the writer gave her “permission” to use her work when that is also a lie and claims on a different name how the author is so-called “jealous” she wrote it better.  This is why I didn’t want to be a full time time writer because I know people like “Sam Taylor Mullens” are out there.  The full story is at Rachel Ann Nunes blogspot (the work Sam Taylor stole): http://rachelannnunes.blogspot.com.au/2014/08/standing-against-plagarism.html?m=1

Sam Taylor is basically admitting it was Rachel Ann’s work when she claims Rachel gave her “permission” [when she really had no permission.]  Then she lies and attacks her saying she got it from some reading group.  Is this Sam Taylor on some meds?  Do they really think those copy right laws in front of a book are there to look pretty and nothing will happen if they copy someone?  What goes on in these people’s minds who think they can take a paragraph then change up some things to call it their own?  This isn’t writing a high school essay anymore.  This is the real world.

Driving Rants

I don’t want to be mean and say all handicapped drivers shouldn’t be allowed to drive, but lately, whenever I see a handicapped sticker on their car or van, they are seriously going 20 or 30 miles in a 40 miles per hour zone.  It’s actually hazardous to hold up traffic.  If they can’t keep up with the real traffic then they shouldn’t drive and make everyone angry.  People have places they need to be and I can’t keep being nice and go behind a handicap driver not pass them.  I was nearly late several times to work because of them or people who like to drive extremely slow acting like they don’t have places they need to be at, but I do.  I would have been ten minutes early had they not held me up because I couldn’t pass them since other cars in the next lane wouldn’t let me, either.

The possibilities.

When someone says you should give up on someone who isn’t talking to you anymore, I’m not going to throw in the towel just like that, especially when we have a very amazing connection which I’ve never experienced with anyone else.  If it’s close distance and someone isn’t talking when they could see me with no trouble, of course that I can’t be bothered with.  I just don’t want him to regret not meeting me when he sees me move on.  And yes, it sucks doing most of the initiating but I have a feeling once we meet in person he WILL want this to work.  My intuitions are always correct.

I feel like he doesn’t want to meet me because he knows he will be in love with me and he doesn’t want to DO a long distance but he knows he wants to be with me and will have to do all that work for us to happen so he never tries to meet me because he knows what he will have to do to maintain this.

I’ve predicted bad people to be bad, so the few very good feelings about someone I have it must be true if only he would give it a chance and not just give up because of the distance.  I have talked to others who are long distance in the past, but they didn’t seem like they wanted to go the distance so I just kept it as friends and never brought up I was interested as more.

When we started off so great, I just, I just HAVE to meet him.  I can’t let him go without meeting him, especially when he’s within a drive-able distance.  I’d drive 7 to 8 hours for him.  I just keep thinking of all the wonderful things we talked about.

My ex who is in town keeps trying to hook up with me and I’m like, “Hey, your loss.  You thought I’d never leave you, well I did.  Should have appreciated me when you had me.”

And I don’t want my love to make this same mistake because for the ones who do actually stick around for a while, they always try crawling back to me in the end because they realize they didn’t find anyone better and I’m not a second option.  Nope!

I know why my love tried to let me go because he doesn’t believe in long distance relationships, so I will forgive him for that because once I know he meets me — he will fall in love with me all over again.


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