Aimee Leigh

Ah, her name is Aimee Leigh!  I was wondering who that bitch “amanda” was and why she came at me out of nowhere.  I scrolled through more of her posting history and found her advertising her own books on the amazon forum.  I noticed a lot of the people who have been trash talking me are erotica writers.  Ever since I started writing erotica I’ve been receiving hate from the competitors.  I don’t know why else a fugly anonymous bitch would come at me out of nowhere harassing me when I was minding my own business posting my erotica stories for my readers who do like what I write.  Now I know for sure it’s definitely jealousy and they know I’m talented.

Funny how she just slandered someone else for advertising their books and now she advertised her own books before.  Ouu Now that I know the links to her books I’m tempted to give her one star reviews the way she trashed my short stories.  I don’t want to stoop to her level though and I really don’t want to give her any advertisement for being the horrendous person that she is.

Charging people 99 cents for 8 pages and 4 pages?  Wow!  She thinks very highly of herself.  And she has the nerve to write trash about my short stories.  I’d rather buy a burger than read erotica stories from a jealous angry bitch!

My Blog is Back!

I put a lot of money into running a nice site and I’m not going to let bitches like “amanda” and “stalker Diva” think they can talk shit about me.  Oh well.  I’m very flattered as to how much time they spend trying to slander me.  I don’t know who this poster is but another poster on the OP hate bandwagon came at me out of nowhere, “amanda”  calling me a psycho, stalker, and a piece of work.  Funny, I think the same thing about that dumb bitch, exactly the same thing.

This is how psycho “amanda” is: she claims I’m slandering and talking shit about disabled people.  Actually no I’m not.  The only problems I have with disabled people are the ones who have everything paid for and they sit their asses online on a forum talking shit about people because they have no bills to worry about bothering hard working people like me.  If you’re offended by that remark then maybe you should check yourself before you wreck yourself.  I’m not going to sit here censoring myself just so I don’t hurt your wittle feelings.

If there are disabled people who are wasting their free time trashing people online since they can’t work, they should have their computer/Internet confiscated.  I didn’t say all disabled people were bad…but if amanda actually knew me, she’d know I used to room with a disabled person.  Now why would I room with a disabled person if I hated them?  Comes to show you how much this bitch knows about me and how much she tries to twist and turn situations to fit her warped delusions about me.

She has the nerve to call me a stalker when she’s been stalking my blog every single day until I made it private!  I don’t know her author pen name to give her one star reviews the way she trashed my short stories otherwise I would have given her a dose of her own medicine.

I think amanda is really jealous of me and my support, that’s why she’s constantly asking why do people like me, why do people support me?  she claims i stalk her and her elder friends but what do these bitches have to stalk?  the only reason i would ever stalk them is to confirm they are in fact the losers that i think they are and they aren’t as successful as they claim.  Now why would I give a shit what they do with their personal lives to slander them when I have so much going for me?

Sounds like spiteful authors who know if I put my mind to my writings I will blow them out of the water and they’re trying to prevent me from being published because they’re already jealous of the subscribers and support I received in a short time I opened this blog.  They might be super jealous seeing me in the top 10 in a week when they have been writing all their lives and they haven’t amounted to shit.

Still Invite Only Mode

After a long time, I had thought about making my blog not private anymore but just today, I have seen a hater post the link to my blog so it looks like I still have to wait a while for them to stop talking about me.  Don’t know why she posted it because it’s not like she can even go to my blog anymore, either.  This is freaking ridiculous.  I haven’t responded to them in ages and they’re still saying my name, posting the links to my blog.  The fucked up part is they act like I’m a worse person than them when have they not seen themselves in the mirror?  I guess not.  That’s what my book is going to be about:  how they think they can talk shit about anybody else when they truly don’t act any better.

I’m also glad that other people have been calling out “A.L. Goodwin” for her demeaning behavior other than me.  It’s funny how she talks about being “professional.”  I don’t see anything professional at all about slandering me then claiming I’m slandering her when I respond to her. Who knows what will get these people to see the errors of their ways?  I have no idea.

Someone has been going through my pictures.

It’s funny how someone has been going through my pictures on my blog.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who that is: my #1 stalker still saving any and all public photos it can get its hands on of my pictures.  Doesn’t it suck that people like this idiot who save my pictures out of malice take the fun out of posting pictures online?  Celebrities deal with kooks like my stalkers all the time.  I definitely feel like a celebrity with this stalker who is constantly in my business saving all of my photos like a disturbed crazed fan.

Unfortunately, there are inconsiderate people like that in the world who do not respect people’s pictures.  They honestly believe that just because it’s out in the public domain they can do anything they want with people’s pictures.  Sigh, some people need to be really educated on life.

Still Lurkin’ like the fool it is.

So the idiot tried to leave another uncreative comment today.  This fool never learns.  Oh well, can’t help the real stupid.  Insanity: doing the same things over and over and expecting different results, hahaha.  I cannot wait for my bully book to be published about this insane stalker who goes to my blog every hour on the hour.

Smack Down 2015

And Zombie Diva is gonna get the Smack down of its life.

These are the types of people who create rumors and lies about me:

*A mother of three who is disabled who can’t go anywhere and can’t do anything so as you can see she has to create some sort of drama on the Web to entertain herself because she can’t find other productive things to do like mind her own business.

*Disrespectful old ladies who keep harping about their posts getting deleted but even if their posts didn’t get deleted it’s not like they said anything of value so I don’t know why they’re complaining about their posts getting deleted when they just attack other forum members.  Their posts have been rightfully reported.

*A lonesome porn/erotica writer who no one wants to date, no one wants to hang out with, and no one wants to talk to…it stalks me because I’m the only one to ever give it the most attention while most others want nothing to do with it.  And I want nothing to do with it as well, but since I’m writing a bully book about this vile creature, I still have to mention it until I am finished with my bully book project.

There you have it the bad people saying bad things about me: as you can see their lives are far worse than mine so I’m glad that most people are ignoring the rumor mill.  Thanks, I appreciate it.

You’re going down, VD, aka Patient Zero

I really don’t know why you keep trying to leave comments on my posts when I never approve you, VD.  What’s the point?  I don’t care who listens to your psycho babble about me “killing” my dog.  Everyone else can clearly see you are the nut case saving all of my public pictures and constantly stalking my blog.  You’re really not fooling anyone sane.  The only people who believe you are just as psycho as you and it’s not like I care what they think because ya’ll are far worse than me.


I’m smiling.  Patient Zero still stalks my blog and so it has read my soon to be masterpiece outting it for the disgusting piece of crap that it is.  There’s more where this came from.  We now know why this individual does what it does because it does not want to be forgotten by people because no one loves it; its own family abandoned it.  It has no one in real life and no one online.  All it does is lurk my blog on a daily basis because I’m the only person to give it the most attention and so that’s why Zombie Diva still stalks me because everyone else ignores it. :)

Contacted KDP Community

I have made KDP aware of certain forum users creating slanderous and false reporting getting people falsely banned that their current report system is not effective.  They have e-mailed me back letting me know they are in the process of coming up with an efficient and effective reporting system.  Hopefully they do as they promise so these trolls taking over the forum personally attacking people won’t be able to come back and won’t be able to manipulate the admins like they are currently doing.