Pet Peeve on Best Selling Books

Not only am I a huge morality police, but I am also a grammar police.  One thing I continuously see in best selling books are editing and grammar errors.  If you are a best selling book that means you should have absolutely ZERO GRAMMAR AND EDITING MISTAKES.  You have editors look over your stuff and […]

Something I don’t understand.

If it’s someone nearby someone can easily see without distance being an issue and someone is still trying to get it across someone’s mind that they don’t want to see that person — why still even bother?  It amazes me how ridiculous some people get with close distance relationships/ex-relationships.  It’s different when someone is very […]

Are you kidding me?!

A long time ago, I had signed up for the app “Hot or Not.”  I haven’t logged into it until literally this morning a second ago.  I was shocked I was a 4.36 out of 10 on there!  Really?  Guys are constantly trying to get in my pants up the wazoo (I turn them all […]

Book Review

I decided to create a new category on the books I’ve read that I like to share with others who are interested in reading in the same categories.  I recently downloaded a book called, “The Ghost in my Bedroom (Book 1)” by Heather Jones.  I knew it was a good book when I couldn’t put […]

Week after Week

Week after week something always comes up.  I’m waiting to where I can have one calm week just to focus on work and my writing projects.  I just tell myself I get through everything this is no different than what past week’s issue was.  I’m trying to remove all the troublesome people from my life […]


It’s not like I ever expressed any interest in Aaron he still won’t buzz off.  I thought he had finally gotten the hint the last time I told him off a few months ago, but today he returned out of nowhere on a new number. (How many numbers does one person need?  He changes numbers […]

Word Count

They say to not purposely make your story longer so it doesn’t quickly end.  I have thought about stopping at 50,000 words before even though I really want it at 75,000 words.  However, any content I add is definitely relevant to the story.  It will not be filler content to make a higher word count […]

Infidelity Rant

I am so sick and tired of hearing about people being cheated on.  Can people not keep it in their pants once they are in a committed relationship?  This is why I’m even extra faithful, especially when I’m not in a relationship and in the process of trying to be in one.  Infidelity makes for […]


Today I got a load of thoughts off my chest about the situation.  It felt great.  Who knew I had more thoughts than twenty thousand text messages every other night?  Oh my.  I thought I said all that there is to say already and I still had more to say.  I said I didn’t want […]


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