Blog Update

I don’t mind people who come to my blog who actually like what I have to say on here…if you’re here because you actually like my blog posts, I appreciate that.  This is mainly toward the nosy lurkers who I don’t associate with:

I still see a certain nosy lurker’s footprints, tsk tsk.  What have you come to my blog to read Anon?  I’m enjoying life while you’re still stalking me, LOL. :)

I haven’t updated in a while to see how long it takes for Anon to stop going to my blog, but I see it is stuck to my blog like glue, why I have no idea.  In my other posts, I have said I don’t go to other people’s blogs that write libelous things about me — I couldn’t care less less to befriend those types of people and I’m not looking for their approvals.

Such a strange Anonymous person to be coming to my blog all the time to read about what a waste of space it is — the difference is I write true things about it.

Your thoughts are always appreciated.

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