Poor vs. Good Forum Etiquette

It seems like these days some forums I go to if someone can’t agree on a subject or if they’re annoyed by a person’s post they’ll bully the person off the forum and make it personal instead of not responding to the post they’re annoyed at.  There are only about three forums tops I visit now that have very good moderators and very good forum etiquette, besides my blog.  And with me being the moderator to my own blog, what makes trolls think I will approve their very inaccurate hate comments on my own Web site?  This place is only for proper discussion that is discussed intelligently with no childish insults and accusations.

Quite honestly, at the long distance forum I found, I was super annoyed how people would complain they don’t get to see their long distance relationship enough.  They should even be grateful that they got to meet once instead of not at all because some long distance people don’t even get to meet!

I stayed quiet reading those posts on how given the situation people were in, they were asking for more than what people could give at the time so selfish complaining about wanting more time in person given the finances and distance.  They should be grateful they have a long distance interest that actually wants to make the efforts to even talk if he/she cannot see that person in person.  I seem to be able to ignore posts that annoy me, yet, some people there couldn’t do the same with my posts if my posts annoyed them.

I did a little experiment.  I went onto another forum that’s definitely a thousand times better than the long distance forum, posted some similar questions there in a similar fashion.  I got no drama there whatsoever and people were able to discuss the topic that I asked instead of saying, “No one cares about your stupid posts.  Every two weeks you post these questions that no one cares about…”

I wanted to respond and every week I post this you act like annoying pricks about it instead of ignoring it and not responding to it let the people who want to discuss it discuss it instead of blowing up my threads.  People can seriously be so full of themselves.

It really pisses me off that the moderator at the long distance forum allows people to insult others if “five or six” people are annoyed with someone’s post when there are posters who actually do and can discuss the topics.  I’m not sure what kind of moderator allows people to gossip about posters on each other’s walls and e-mails, and then after she bans me they stalk me to my blog trying to leave nasty comments that I don’t approve.  For people who claim to “not care” about my posts that I wrote at that long distance forum, um, they sure go way the hell out their way off that site to harass me.

Says a lot about them, not me, though!

The only people who have bad things to say about me are people I couldn’t care less to associate with in the first place and have never actually hung out with me, and I couldn’t care less to hang out and talk with them.


  1. I feel you 100% on this one. The problem is that most forums are full of people who never socialize with others face to face, they think that is okay to insult people and don’t realize how stupid they sound. I bet those are the same people that don’t have any friends in real life because they lack social skills. Don’t worry about the trolls, they are always going to be around, just ignore them and listen to the few that actually help out. Have a nice day!


    1. Thanks “Life Of An Optimistic Kid.” :) I appreciate that you agree with me on this. They take the fun out of posting on forums and take it to a whole new level. I was glad to find more peaceful forums to post at.


      1. Thats the advantage of having your own blog, if you don’t like them you give them the boot. Best of luck and I hope you find a forum with not that many trolls.


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