Day: February 7, 2014

A Fantasy I’d Rather not Happen in Reality!

A few posts ago, I talked about Jake who goes to Texas A & M that I had met on Omegle weeks ago.  After he had done something extremely rude, I figured he wouldn’t message me again, especially when I didn’t seem interested at all.  When he kept prying me to show him things I would not.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, the dude was attractive, I just wasn’t into him.  He didn’t want to have conversations about life.  He just wanted to get to the good stuff and that honestly does not turn me on at all.  I like to talk for a while, and have meaningful conversations, then if the time is right, sexy things might happen.

Jake messaged me on kik asking if we could skype later and he said I should stick a banana in my pussy for him to watch.

I’m thinking, is this dude serious?

I literally said, “lol, no.”

After that he asked me if I had a dildo [also said no to that].

Then he said, “a remote control.”

At this point I’m for real laughing my fucking ass off like no tomorrow.  Is this supposed to be sexy talk or something?

He was for serious.  Oh, lord.  Why me?  Why was I not blessed to have a smooth sailing love life?

All I’ve ever been was as decent of a person as I can be and to whomever decides I’m worth it to try to work things out with no matter the distance or whatever obstacles in the way will find that in an instant.  He will be rewarded with a respectable and faithful spouse.  And when he does, I hope he takes good care of a diamond.

Smart guys know what they have when they have it, dumb guys throw a good thing away [this applies to women, also.]