Day: February 6, 2014

My Journey to You Chapter 7: Good Times, Good Times

You know you’ve got a great job when nearly everything you do reminds you of sexual innuendos, hahahahahaha.

I made a good friend at my new job who takes me to work.  She’s hilarious.  I had her cracking up all night when I was saying innuendos.

She says to me, “You need to get laid.  That’s why you’re referencing it all the time and you don’t even notice.”

Then another co-worker joked I watch porn because I can’t get any.  I don’t even watch porn, psht.  Honest.

[Oh, I’m not even gonna try to be discreet about that, yes I do need to get laid. Argh, for having standards.  Sometimes I wish I could just hook up with someone and not care because getting feelings for someone is what ends up hurting a person in the end when things don’t work out.  I’m still going to try and have a good outlook on a rather hopeless situation because I love floating on cloud 9, I do.  I just wish we could talk more than we do right now!  It’s always a hit or miss.]

For example, I was cleaning and inspecting parts in a way where she said I looked like I was jacking someone off.  I didn’t even really think about how it looked until she said something and the way things were said even though it’s proper instructions to do things are the best innuendos.

An older African gentleman at work of course was shocked to find out how old I’m turning on Sunday.  He’s like, “No way.  You’re not going to be that old.  You look really young.”

“Yep, I have no one in our hometown for me.  It’s just me, myself, and I.  No children except for my dog.  One day I’ll become a mom, hopefully with the right person.  For now, I’m just paying off all my bills.”

He said to me, “My wife and I have two boys and I can tell you’d be a really good mom someday when you have children.”

That comment just made me gush.  Everyone was complimenting me today.  My bosses just told me I was the best freaking quality inspector for the production line in history since they started that line out of everyone that has worked it.  I like this work environment.  It’s a pleasant place where people have a sense of humor and can joke around, not be too serious all the time.

If I’m a top worker, I know I’d be a damn good mom to my future kids if I ever get to have any, and a damn good girlfriend/wife.  Sigh…

I know I’d be good with teaching future kids respect, morals, and not letting people treat them like they’re worth nothing.

Right now, I’m okay with not having any children.  I’m struggling to live myself and I don’t want to bring any children to live in my sucky situation right now.  When I have children, I want to be properly prepared.  So for now, I’m just having fun with myself and getting all my bills paid to where I only have the regular daily bills to worry about and not extra things like student loans, etc.