Death will take anyone, it doesn’t care who a person is.

Death doesn’t care if you’re a pregnant wife and a pastor, nor does it care that you’re a teenage girl.

Death doesn’t care if you’re a tiny baby about to be born.  It can strike at any hour: when you least expect it.

The weather has been so horrible this year:  The coldest winter in history.

There have been so many deaths lately in the news (mostly bus related) that I don’t know if I feel right writing about a death in my story because I don’t know.  It is a work of fiction, but has been mostly realistic, that’s why I’m debating on whether or not to turn it into science fiction and maybe I can bring a character I have die back to life in some outer worldly way…I’m trying to write about as many topics as I can and one topic I haven’t touched upon yet has been death.  I just like to see what my imagination can come up with.

This is kind of like Stranger than Fiction’s debate on whether or not she should make one of her characters live.

Two of my top favorite writer movies are Stranger than Fiction and Orange County.


Rest in Peace:

*Paul Walker

*Phillip Seymour

*People involved in the Florida Church Crash –

*Tennessee church bus crash –

*Ottowa deaths –

*Indiana bus crash –

and any others I have not heard of, may all involved be at peace.

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