Night Time Tease

Night Time Tease

Some nights, she imagines herself being touched in every which way.  Other nights, she’ll be so busy she won’t care for some play time.  She doesn’t know what to do when she can’t talk to the one that makes her go wild and aching for his touch.  Other people do nothing for her so she doesn’t waste her own time talking to someone else.  Only he can please her in the best way ever.  No one before him has truly cared to satisfy her.  They’ve only thought for themselves.  He cares to please her just as she cares to please him.

Whenever she gets lost in her thoughts, she closes her eyes in bed at night and imagines him on top of her and having his way with her.  Sometimes, she reaches out, but forgets that it’s only a dream, yet it seemed so real.  If only it were real, she hopes it will be as great as she imagines it will be.  It got her hot and bothered as if his presence was in her room, anyway.  If he was physically present in her room, what it would do to her.

They are in bed.  He slowly moves his hand up her naked legs and naked body until he reaches her insides with his fingers and finds the one thing that no other man has found before at the same time she holds him in her hand slowly massaging him getting him ready.  She whispers in his ear, “I want your cock in me right now.”  He kisses her soft lips so gently and removes his fingers from her ready to stay in her all night long until they can no longer take it anymore.  Babe can go no more after a while as she ever so lightly pushes him off her and rests her head on his chest.  He gives her forehead a little peck and they fall asleep in each others arms.


  1. You have some nice elements in your erotica piece. It’s raw but nice overall. Consider breaking up some of your longer sentences as a way to control the flow of the writing piece. Long sentences are nice at times to have the reader delve deeper into the moment being described though if too long can bore the reader. Breaking up a long sentence by the number of interesting elements contained within that sentence makes it a bit easier on the reader to hold their attention. Doing this can also bring a good focus to each of those elements.


    1. Thank you for your nice comment. I don’t really like writing these types of stories, but I figure I should write about everything and be comfortable with it, lol. I didn’t just want to write about sex, but also tried to add some “love” in it, too. I’m thinking about another story where I tell of how the two characters meet, and want to talk about what they do when they hang out, and then write a scene after. I do appreciate and enjoy the feedback, especially when I haven’t really written these types of things before.


      1. My comment can be applied to other kinds of writings too. With this kind of writing piece though, it is a bit easier to evoke feeling from the reader because there are so many possible direct trigger words to use compare to describing other scenarios, so with that in mind, it’s how you want your scene and situation to flow. Good luck with adding more to this piece!


    1. Thank you, SugarMD! I’ve never really ventured into erotica until this year. Most of my stories have been PG, but I’m wanting to write about nearly every topic I can and the next piece I’m working on is about death, just to see if I can write about anything. I’ll definitely write more in the future. :)


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