Sliders Season 6 Episode 1 Part 1

For those who know about the series, you remember how things ended in Season 5, and I am continuing my version of Season 6. — Re-Cap The original sliders consisted of Quinn Mallory, scientist and genius who first worked on his professor’s theory for inter-dimensional traveling and solved the missing piece to the theory.  A […]

My Journey to You Chapter 5: An Unsent Letter

Every time I can’t sleep, I always stay up to write.  The other day, I think I wrote probably one of the most sincerest things to someone in the history of all my writings.  I can’t publish what I wrote but I wish I could.  Maybe if after he reads it one day and he […]

What the hell is wrong with people?

You didn’t want to feed your months old baby because you wanted to play video games and smoke pot?  You know you can do all three dumb asses!  Maybe you should have used protection or close your legs if you can’t grow up and face responsibilities!  Damn, almost abortion would have been better then that […]

My Journey to You Chapter 4: How Can This be?

Currently in 2014 Now more than ever, I know one thing is certain.  I can’t say what this one thing is, but I do know, it needs to happen.  I don’t know how it will happen.  I don’t know when it will happen.  I don’t even know if it will ever happen.  Does life try […]

Something New

I’ve been thinking lately about wanting to write about something new other than what I have been writing about.  I mainly take things happening from my life.  If I have nothing going on, then I won’t write, which is why I took a long hiatus for a while.  When more bizarre things started happening in […]

My Journey to You Chapter 3: Flash Back

About six years ago, or whenever that was that I started coming out of my shell more and talked to men more, I didn’t think I’d ever run into the situation where I would ever be The Other Woman.  I always thought that people would be honest if they are with someone or not, but […]

My Journey to You Chapter 2: Ok! Fun

Chapter 2: Ok! Fun A while back, I had signed up for Ok! Cupid out of pure boredom and for kicks.  I kept my account open.  Sometimes I would get messages from people on there but I wouldn’t reply because I’m not serious about meeting anyone in person from there at all.  My account was […]

Introduction & Chapter 1 – My Journey to You

Prologue You know that feeling you get when you think you’ve met The One?  I’ve only ever felt that once for someone in my town.  I was so sure because usually my Woman’s Intuitions never fail me, I hardly ever used to listen to myself until I finally felt it.  I used to give people […]


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