A Restless Pursuit

A dick-less anonymous coward is not on my list of priorities.  I can’t take someone seriously who thinks “highly” of itself while hiding behind the computer under other people’s names.  The psychopath can’t even troll me under its own names, Lol.

I have disabled the anonymous commenting feature after my disgusting anonymous stalker keeps abusing it.  I no longer get any anonymous comments even if you may be “legit.”  Anonymouse has mental issues trying to bypass its IP bans to where I get notifications from it.  I think it has a severe form of Asperger’s Syndrome and that would explain why it only cares about what it wants to do to people and why anonymous couldn’t care less how this could affect people.

Luckily, I just shrug it off.  I’m highly amused the lengths anonymous goes to, to get to me to see its comments which I don’t read any of.

Just remember:  What goes around comes around, anonymous. :)


    1. Thank you for being genuinely kind. There are too many fake nice people in the world today but I know real nice people when I see them. I agree with you, yes they enjoy tormenting others.


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