A Restless Pursuit

As of 10/10/2015 12:00 A.M. Anonymous is officially toast!  It can keep talking to itself but I won’t be responding to it anywhere.  I’m gonna do like I did one time: not give it any attention whatsoever for the next six months and I’m going to enjoy life without giving that nut case any attention.

It’s one thing if a person deserves all this hate but I think it’s insane that this anonymous psycho person just came at me out of nowhere and started making up things about me for no reason at all.  This is ridiculous!  If you’re looking for someone to hate who deserves it, you can start by bashing the piggies who love to lie that you worship!

For some reason Anon is just fixated on me even though I didn’t do anything but give it a dose of its own medicine.


    1. Thank you for being genuinely kind. There are too many fake nice people in the world today but I know real nice people when I see them. I agree with you, yes they enjoy tormenting others.


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