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thelostxin.com: J.P. Troph Introduction, Life Mottos, and Motivators

J.P. Troph is a young woman who resides in the United States. She is first known as a blogger. Shocked at the number of views she receives for just her daily soapbox rants (which most of her readers can relate to), she decided to create short stories about whatever happened that day or whatever happened at an event instead of just straight blog form typing. Then she became interested in writing short stories. After she had gained much support at her blog through her short stories on life, humanity, and her long distance interest, she became motivated to write novels. Her biggest inspiration and her biggest fan is her lost love from far away who she still has hope for one day they will be able to meet. As long as her stories reaches his heart, that’s mainly whose opinion matters most about her works. She is blessed to gain much support from most readers at her blog who wish her well in her long distance adventures. They hope the two love birds will find their way to be together, just as she does. If only he would try and not give up because of all the obstacles in the way.

Her first introduction to True Crime is published (free):  The Phantom Menace: No Name No Face

The full book related to her True Crime experiences is currently being finished and will soon be published along with her first romance novel.

She is thankful for all her support who do not listen to the rude gossip people spread about her for no reason, at least not a good reason anyway. If you don’t have any encouraging words, there’s that old saying: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Some things are better left unsaid.

J. Xin

Xin: How I got my name.

Xin is pronounced "Shing."

My name translated into English from Chinese means Pure Heart. I used to refer this phrase to something else, but now I'm referring it to as an undiscovered writer who pours her heart and soul into her writings, which may or may not ever be heard by the world.

The Chinese character 心 (xīn) means heart or mind. It is an independent character as well as a radical. As a component of other, more complex characters, 心 can also be written 忄.


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