A Restless Pursuit

Hey, haters why don’t you actually practice what you preach?  You sure don’t follow your mottos!!!

Some people are anonymous because they are too fat and ugly to be shown.  I know these ugly, fat haters like to twist my words saying I’m bashing all fat people, but I’m not.  It’s just a coincidence that all my haters seem to be these ugly fat hideous looking people and if they aren’t fat they’re ugly and wrinkled, lolol.

Between working a 40-hour week with over time first shift job, and writing for 40 hours a week, so sorry if I don’t have time for your anonymous drama.  Maybe I’ll make time when you grow some balls and reveal who you are.  Until then, my attention is needed elsewhere.

“Never sacrifice class for people who have none.”

-I hope my haters understand this quote when I ignore them.  Why bother wasting my time combating people who don’t have any and will never have any class?  They’ve already had two years of my attention, but I’m moving on now to bigger and better things.  I’m a grown adult too busy for childish grade school drama.  Keep gossiping about me, it’s not like I care who listens.

The irony is these people gossiping about me are twenty to 40 years older than me, hahaha, and I’m the one who has to take the high road being younger than them.


    1. Thank you for being genuinely kind. There are too many fake nice people in the world today but I know real nice people when I see them. I agree with you, yes they enjoy tormenting others.


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