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Two quotes I live by:

1- “With success comes fans as well as enemies.”

2- “Those who throw stones live in glass huts.”

If you’re not here to become a better person through my rants on humanity or to do anything good for me, or if you’re not interested in my writings but are only here to look through my stuff to find something gossipy, please exit this site.  I can assure you if you are snooping, you will not like some things I write that you will find, so I hope those who read my site are here for meaningful purposes because they enjoy my stories. I cannot make this any clearer.  I appreciate those who have contributed to my posts and discussions as well as silent readers.  Thank you!
  • I post on a variety of subjects but my main concentrations are: science fiction, paranormal, romance, erotica, fiction, and non-fiction.  Thank you for stopping by.
  • If you have any questions about my upcoming projects and stories, I do have a contact form for business inquiries only.
  • Any other messages sent will be ignored if they are not about wanting to know more on my projects.  Do you want to become a character in my upcoming stories?  Please let me know.  Some of my good friends and the people I meet always love to be characters in my stories.
For more information, please visit my biography page.

J. Xin

Xin: How I got my name.

Xin is pronounced "Shing."

My name translated into English from Chinese means Pure Heart. I used to refer this phrase to something else, but now I'm referring it to as an undiscovered writer who pours her heart and soul into her writings, which may or may not ever be heard by the world.

The Chinese character 心 (xīn) means heart or mind. It is an independent character as well as a radical. As a component of other, more complex characters, 心 can also be written 忄.


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