A Restless Pursuit

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Hey haters, while you constantly stalk my site for something to try to bring me down, here’s how much I care about what you do with your life to use it against you: ZERO.  You bore me with you grade school insults so I am certain your life is boring and I would find uninteresting things.  I know my life is so fascinating to you that’s why some people have to always keep talking about me no matter how many times I have put them in their places.  If you have to make that much efforts to try to bring me down, twisting my words, you already know I’m better than you.  Thanks :D

For those who are here for gossip:  Check out my latest entry: Stupidity Part II ;)

Good grief!  When is enough is enough for my stalkers?   Why are people always so fixated on hating me into oblivion, especially when I don’t care for their approvals for those who hate me?  This is going on 6 months now that they’re talking shit about me.  And it’s not like I give a damn what they say so I don’t know why they keep talking shit!!!

A person seriously has to be mentally ill to be making fun of a woman crying about her dog getting hit by a car which was a fluke.  A person has to be extremely mentally ill to claim it’s because I don’t take care of my dog.  Actually she saw something and got distracted.  She usually goes to the door just fine without a leash.

I’d rather be stupid than be a gutless, spineless coward which my haters are.  Whatever the peanut gallery has to say, I think the same thing about them.  So let’s call it even because I have to attend to more important things than to feed trolls.

Oh well, they can think whatever they want.  Not like what they think matters.  While they’re busy stalking my blog, saving pictures of me creating slanderous memes, I have no desire to invade their personal lives the way these callous people invade mine.  I have better things to do with my time like write my stories.

Whatever people say about me is a reflection of who they are, not who I am.  Just remember that.  :) :)

Apparently, some people have been stealing my photos and creating slanderous Memes.  How old are these people?  They call me stupid but they should really look in the mirror.  I’m not the one sitting on the Internet stalking people’s personal lives the way they’re stalking my personal life.

I see some haters are still lurking at my blog after I have told them to get lost if they don’t like me I really don’t care.

Your thoughts are always appreciated.

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