A Restless Pursuit

I think it’s funny how Anon goes to porn subreddits on reddit to say I need it really bad, you should take your own advice — maybe if you got laid you’d realize there are far more important things in life instead of being spammy with my blog link.  Why do you think I keep trying to tell your pathetic stalker self I have better things to do with my time than to be responding to you? LOL.  Maybe if you got laid you wouldn’t be so obsessed with me, Anon.

A message to my pathetic “haters” that like to take out their life woes out on me.  I don’t want to call people who say bad things about me “haters” because I’m not threatened by them at all.  In fact, I mind my own business and do what I do.  I don’t know why they are often concerned with gossiping about me for some reason when my other fan club should be minding their own businesses:

The world doesn’t owe people a happy life.  If people wish to choose bashing innocent by-standers [example: bashing me for no reason] who did nothing to them as a way of releasing their hatred for life, that’s their issues.  People’s fate are what they make it.  If you aren’t making any life changing choices to have a better life, that’s your problem, not anyone else’s.

I’m flattered that my other fan club is threatened by my talents to be attempting to sabotage me. :)

It’s amusing how much time my other fan club spends trash talking me.


    1. Thank you for being genuinely kind. There are too many fake nice people in the world today but I know real nice people when I see them. I agree with you, yes they enjoy tormenting others.


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